Stop. Just Stop.

Kerry plans another round of peace talks,

this time including the entire Arab world


Sick Antisemite Starts Raving on London Bus

'I hate the Jews, burn them, I’m going to burn this bus!'

Driver lets psychopath back on at next stop

Man arrested for 'racially aggravated public order offence.'

Transport service says it will take unspecified 'appropriate action'

U.K. Jewish community steps up security precautions for holidays

As Iran Celebrates Antisemitism

ADL slams racist Holocaust-denying Tehran conference

What Would a GOP Majority in Congress Mean for U.S. Jews?

U.S. Harshly Criticizes Israel Over Building

'It only serves to escalate tensions'

Plans 'will distance Israel from even its closet allies'

2,610 Homes for Givat Hamatos

Netanyahu Responds: Has Anyone Actually Read the Plans?

Obama and Netanyahu Meet: Palestinian Question Played Down

Arabs and Jews Unite?

ANALYSIS: Obama and Netanyahu may be making up

Netanyahu Tells Ban to Take His Council and Shove It

In meeting with Secretary-General, PM blasts U.N. Human Rights Council's racist bias against Israel


Rise of the Demented

Teenage boy suspended from Dutch school after threatening to behead Jews

Antisemitic German Politician Tossed

Far-Right party member posted vile antisemitic cartoon on Twitter

Far-Left joins in on the fun

Ukrainian monument to Babi Yar massacre defaced

Pogromists Block Ship With Israeli Cargo

Ship heads to L.A. port after 'protesters' use 'physical threats' to stop it from unloading

Would He Do This to a Muslim Leader?

Obama insults India's PM by inviting him to dinner during Hindu fast

Lazy Barry

Obama has missed majority of his intelligence briefings

Turkey Deploys Tanks to Border Against ISIS

Australia Strikes Back

Series of raids leads to arrest of terrorist financier

The Nightmare Scenario

Israeli intelligence analysts say West is terrified that ISIS will attacks subways with chemical weapons


Jerusalem Mayor Tells Obama to Buzz Off

'I will not freeze construction for anyone in Israel's capital. Discrimination based on religion, race or gender is illegal in the United States and in any other civilized country.'

As Obama complains about Jerusalem policy, Israel grants visas to Gazans so they can visit the city

As continued Arab violence threatens the future of Jerusalem's light rail

Religious leaders meet to head off possible violence over holiday weekend

Chief of Staff Defends Gaza Outcome

Says critics are those 'without responsibility for anything, except for holding a meeting.'

Warns that Hezbollah is bigger threat than Hamas

Legendary Tel Aviv Mayor Dies at 86

Shlomo (Chich) Lahat served for 19 years

Holiday Mayhem

As Yom Kippur and Muslim holiday Id al-Adha coincide, officials fear Jerusalem violence

Back Channel

'Israeli official' reportedly in secret talks with the P.A.

P.A. Lauds Murderers of 3 Teens as Heroes

Even as Abbas Threatens ICC Campaign Against Israel

Ignoring his sides own war crimes, P.A. president blusters about lawfare

Threatens to abandon security cooperation in the West Bank


Doves to Hawks

Former American opponents of the Iraq war endorse anti-ISIS campaign as tough election looms

Reports reveal anti-Israel congressional condidate has scholarship named for him at Israel-hating Palestinian university

Campus Watch

Fliers posted at UC Santa Barbara say Jews were behind 9/11 attacks

Loyola U. Chicago Suspends, Then Reinstates Students for Justice in Palestine

Atlantic City Rabbi's Car Torched

Fire Officials Try to Dismiss Arson

But It Was... Um... Workplace Violence! Yeah! That's It!

U.S. prosecutors refuse to pursue terrorism charges against Islamist who beheaded co-worker

How Did They Miss This Guy??????

Oklahoma Islamist psychopath who beheaded co-worker was fired after argument over stoning women

Psychotic Muslim Fundamentalist Beheads Coworker

Oklahoma man reportedly connected to al-Qaeda-linked imam

Reportedly tried to convert coworkers before savagely slaughtering one of them

Throw Away the Key

Bin Laden son-in-law sentenced to life in U.S. prison


U.S. jury finds Arab Bank liable for funding Hamas; must compensate victims


Netanyahu at U.N.:

Hamas Is ISIS and ISIS Is Hamas

Netanyahu on Counter-Terrorism

An Inspiring Rosh Hashanah Message From Mother of Murdered Israeli Teen

Bayefsky Speech Lays Bare U.N. Antisemitism



Epic Exodus

Ridley Scott's new Moses drama is bigger than any Hollywood movie in years

Author on Another Wild Quest

A.J. Jacobs arranging massive global family reunion

'A Very Narrow Bridge'

Filmmaker hopes to bring tales of Rebbe Nachman to big screen

Lady Gaga Hearts Israel

Tel Aviv was 'magnificent; world is wrong about Israel, says singer

Tribute to the Master

Legendary Jewish singer-songwriter Bob Dylan to be honored by dozens of stars at Grammys ceremony

Yad Vashem Ranked Among Top 10 Museums

But dropped from fourth to 10th on TripAdvisor

Protests at the Met

Groups picket opera in NYC for glorifying terrorism


What Did King David Drink?

Israeli researchers attempt to bring winemaking back to its roots

'Roving Rabbis'

Chabad rabbinic students cater to rural American areas

Ark Finds Unlikely New Home

Congregation brings Ark to rented space at St. Paul's Chapel on Wall Street

Shana Tova U'metuka

World Jewish Daily wishes all our readers a good and sweet year

President Obama's High Holiday Greeting