Is Deif Dead?

Suspicion rises that Hamas' terror

mastermind was killed by Israeli airstrike


Obama Punted the Islamic State

Israeli Druze in touch with Syrian opposition says Obama could have destroyed IS easily if he had acted earlier

Finally, U.S. air force hits Iraqi IS hard

But Obama still sells arms to Hamas-loving Turkey

Ambassador Against British Racism

Israel's envoy to Britain goes to supposed 'Israel-free zone' of Bradford

ISIS to America: 'We Will Drown All of You in Blood'

Backdoor Boycott

E.U. exploiting legal technicalities to prevent sale of settlement products

As U.K. supermarket removes kosher food due to cowardly fear of racist attacks

Israel-Hating Norway Makes Insane Demands

Irrelevant Scandinavian nation demands Israel lift blockade

Report: Iran Attempted Huge Cyberattack on Israel During Gaza Operation

U.S. Airstrikes Allow Kurds to Retake Iraqi Dam

Lawmakers Call for Further Action Against ISIS

Pogromists Take Out Their Racism on a Supermarket

Antisemitic Israel-haters go on rampage in British store selling Israeli products

How Shocking...

Iran says it probably won't agree to nuclear deal it was never going to agree to

Israelis and Jews Visit British City in Defiance of Racism

Loathsome anti-American and antisemitic MP George Galloway called Bradford 'an Israel-free zone'

Hamas Admits Journalists Were Deported

Press who filmed rocket launches were strong-armed for reporting 'wrong message'

Hamas TV Boasts M-75 Rocket Production


More Evidence of Treason

MK accused of espionage may have paid for Arab MKs trip to Qatar

'The public’s resilience, and yours, gives us considerable strength.'

Bibi hails courage and defiance of Sderot teens

Left and Right endorse tougher policy on Hamas

NGO Lies?

Hard-Left group B'tselem accused of manufacturing Gaza casualty figures

No Support for Terms

Less than one percent of Israelis want a deal on Hamas' terms

Israel Denies Deal to Lift Gaza Blockade

IDF Poised for Ground Offensive if Talks Fail

PM May Have Hid Details of Talks From Cabinet

Report: Cowardly Hamas leader torpedoing talks

Khaled Mashaal, who fled to Qatar, refusing agreement with Israel

Palestinians love him for it

Shin Bet Foils Hamas Plot to Topple Abbas

Plan also called for massive attacks on Israel

Relentless Defamation

Analysis of Palestinian media shows constant use of Nazi blood libel against Israel

Some Justice

Homes of murderers of three Israeli teens destroyed by IDF



Hilarious: Media Claims It Is 'Not Defending Hamas'

Genocidal Terrorists Tell Al Jazeera They're Ready to Continue War Crimes

Report shows Hamas monsters showing off weapons, tunnels, making absurd claims about Israeli casualties

Western Media Enabling Hamas



Attention Scrabble Mavens!

Yiddish word 'schmutz' is now kosher for play

Hollywood's Teen Choice: Israel's Odeya Rush

The Giver actress wins Breakout Star award

Washed-up U.K. Comedian Urges Israel Boycott

Russell Brand introduces online petition


Warsaw to Restore 1,000 Jewish Tombstones

Headstones had been used to construct project in city park

The Pogrom Reaches Scotland

Jewish man tossed from job for wearing Star of David

And in New Zealand, Election Posters Defaced With Antisemitic Messages

ADL: Massive Surge in Worldwide Antisemitism

Social Justice Activist Leonard 'Leibel' Fein Dies

Liberal Zionist fought hunger and started literacy campaign

Grande Tempest

Coffee giant Starbucks announces company and Jewish founder don't back Israel financially

Righting a Centuries-Old Wrong

Wiesenthal Center asks French hamlet La-Mort-aux-Juifs ('Death to the Jews') to change name

Kosher Retreat Opens in the Rocky Mountains

Beit Kesher center founded as part of Ramah in the Rockies, 2 hours from Denver

Open Wallets for Israel

Hamptons synagogue raises $1 million in emergency funds in one night