Worldwide Trend

Antisemitic Incidents in U.K.

Soar in First Half of 2015


Six Stabbed in Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade

Ultra-Orthodox man, released from prison three weeks ago for similar attack in 2005, in custody

The Race Begins

Russia signs nuclear technology agreements with Arab states

Bibi: We're Winning

'The objection to the Iran deal is growing as time goes by. The more people learn about the deal, the more they oppose it. We also identify this trend among the US public opinion.'

'In another 10 to 15 years, Iran will become a nuclear threshold country with the potential to build nuclear weapons - with permission and authorization.'

Will hold live webcast to rally American Jews

As Obama holds conference call with American Jewish leaders

Calling All Orthodox Rabbis

O.U. asks clergy to lobby against Iran deal

Very Reassuring

Putin tells Netanyahu Iran deal will 'positively impact the security and stability of the Middle East.'

Iran: Obama is a lying liar

Islamic republic claims congressional testimony 'ambiguous comments which are merely uttered for domestic use.'

The Lost Opportunity

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators reached agreement on peace plan before Gaza disengagement

The Hostile College Campus

Study: 75% of North American Jewish college students report antisemitism

Another Hit

Israel reportedly strikes Hezbollah in Syria

Sources: Airstrike on car which killed 5 targeted terrorist Samir Kuntar

Obama Won't Let Pollard Leave U.S.

He'll be let out of jail, but under parole terms, can't go to Israel for five years

Sources: U.S. fears 'hero's welcome' in Israel

Israel Left in the Dark

National Security Adviser says Jerusalem not informed of 'side deals' of Iran nuclear accord


U.S. to Deliver 8 F-16s to Egypt

Landslide in Nepal Kills 30

Torrential rains causes disaster near popular Annapurna trek route

IAEA Chief: Iran to Build 4 Reactors

U.S. Ready to Lift Sanctions on Iran's Billions of Dollars

Khamenei's financial network estimated at nearly $100 billion

L'Amour Fou

French foreign minister invites Rouhani to Paris for trade talks

The perils of placating Iran economically

Israeli PM: Assad, Nasrallah Celebrating Billions Iran Will Give Their 'Terror Machines'

Who Is Canada Afraid Of?

Canada to buy military technology like Israel's Iran Dome

Turkey Launches Heavy Airstrikes Against Kurdish Militants

Strikes hit Kurdistan Workers Party targets in northern Iraq

Grave Concern

More U.K. Muslims join ISIS than British forces

Has Iran Abandoned Hamas?

Official says aid from Islamic Republic has stopped

The Monstrous Allies

Obama explores 'partnering' with Iran

Oh, That Poor Man

Top Hezbollah terrorist Nasrallah ups security for fear of ISIS assassination attempt

Throws fit over growing closeness between Israel and Sunni Arab states

Calls Israel 'cancerous'

Military Pact

U.S. and Turkey create ISIS-free 'safe zone'

Eerie Plot Uncovered

Canadian police say couple planned to kill 'small Jews' to 'send them to paradise'

Devil in the Details

Fine print of nuclear deal reveals Iran has not agreed to 'snapback' of sanctions

Sick, Sick, Sick

ISIS stores sell souvenirs in northern Iraq

Is Abbas All Done?

Report: P.A. leader to step down soon

The Succession Battle

Rivals prepare to vie for Abbas' place


100 Degrees in Jerusalem

Massive heat wave will stick around for days

Eye on Sinai

As threat of ISIS terror grows, Israel could launch preemptive strike

4.3-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Israel

Epicenter was near the Dead Sea; no injuries reported

Contentious Law

Israel passes legislation permitting force-feeding of prisoners

Don't Count Him Out

Israeli security official calls Abbas a 'stabilizing factor'

A Quiet Peace?

Top foreign ministry official calls Arab states 'allies'

Bride Arrested on Temple Mount

Police claim woman 'murmured' a prayer on her wedding day

Kerry Did It

Father of fallen soldier claims U.S. Secretary of State responsible for son's death

Livni Strikes

Opposition leader says Justice Minister's settlement proposals will 'aid the BDS movement'

The Big Libel

Israel-hating NGO accuses IDF of war crimes in attempt to save kidnapped soldier

PM Okays 300 Homes in Beit El

200 Squatters Removed From Evacuated Site

The War of Brothers

Why are the settlers of Beit El fighting with the IDF?

Special Aliyah Flight

More than 200 French Jews--half of them children--arrive as new immigrants

During past five years, some 20,000 French Jews have moved to Israel

Historic Visit

Indian president to visit Israel, as will Prime Minister Modi

Israel and Cyprus Expand Energy Cooperation

Case Closed

ICC won't reopen Gaza flotilla case

September Summit

Netanyahu plans to address world leaders at U.N. General Assembly

Historic Acquisition

Israel's Teva pays $40.5 billion to purchase Allergan generics

Medical Marijuana Now Available

Patients with authorization may receive medical cannabis at pharmacies


Blasting BDS

Congressional hearings reveal boycott movement's demonization of Israel

Pollard Set Free

It's official: U.S. to release Israeli spy in November

Pollard's Wife: 'I am counting the days, minutes, seconds, when I can have him in my arms.'

The Long Road to Freedom

How the American Jewish community finally came together to seek Pollard's release

Keeping Mum

Shimon Peres say Obama asked him not to comment on Pollard case before parole hearing


Defense Secy: Good Deal Better Than Military Strike

Ashton Carter defends nuclear accord, but says military option there as 'fallback'

Breaking Ranks

Queens, N.Y. Democratic congresswoman opposes nuclear deal

Breitbart: New York, California Will Keep Iran Sanctions

Iran deal is an executive agreement, so states don't have to comply

Treasury Secretary: Dems Will Back Obama on Iran

McCain Blasts Nuclear Deal

Senior senator says agreement paves way for Iran 'shopping spree' on arms market

Barack's Backlash

CNN poll shows majority of Americans want Congress to reject Iran deal

Analysis: Pollster Interprets the Numbers


JStreet claims 60 percent of American Jews support Iran deal

LIVE: Kerry defends Iran deal to Congress

'If we walk away, we walk away alone. Our partners are not going to be with us.'

Claims deal makes Israel safer

Will skip Israel during upcoming tour of the Middle East

Straight From the Capital of Terror

Iran considering direct passenger flights to the U.S.

Former U.S. Ambassadors Back Iran Deal

Senior Jewish Lawmaker Will Support Deal

Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) will vote yes on Iran

Joe Lieberman Pressures Schumer to Block Deal

Tough Crowd

Kerry has 'intense exchange' with skeptical Jewish leaders

Jackie Mason Cracks Jokes

In New York, 'we’re not protected from a bomb but we’re protected from a bad quality of a tuna fish'


Iran Deal Swiss Cheese

Ret. Admiral Stavridis: 'You can drive a truck through some of these holes'

No Joke

Actors Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and Queen Noor join anti-nuclear group Global Zero


MICHAEL WEISS: The Dark Side of Jonathan Pollard

RONEN BERGMAN: What Israeli Intelligence Learned About the Iran Talks

DAVID MAKOVSKY: Why Pollard's Release Means Little

L.A. TIMES: Pollard Is a Criminal Who Has Served His Time

HAIM RAMON: Bibi's Colossal Failure on Iran

HAVIV RETTIG GUR: Michael Oren and the U.S.-Israeli Gap

J.J. GOLDBERG: Mike Huckabee's Nazi Slander

AARON DAVID MILLER: Why War Isn't Inevitable if Congress Rejects the Iran Deal

WILLIAM SALETAN: Kerry Is Admitting Too Much About the Iran Deal


Brazilian Singers Stand for Israel

Worst Day Ever?

Read Hasidic teen's bottom-to-top poem

Smooth Shave

For razor ad, Israeli man shaves beard after 14 years and shocks family

Jerusalem's Season of Culture Kicks Off

Summer line-up includes Sacred Music Festival

Performer Cools Off and Shows Off

Singer/dancer Chris Brown impresses with acrobatic skills on Tel Aviv beach

The Zohan Hearts Israel

'I support Israel 100 percent,' says actor/comedian Adam Sandler


Hoping and Praying

Search still under way for missing Jewish teenage boater and friend from Florida

Jan Kulczyk, Major Funder of Poland's Jewish Museum, Dies

On Tu B'Av, a Report on Love

Jerusalem is Israel's capital of divorce, but nearly 53,000 couples married in Israel in 2013


JDate sues JSwipe...over the letter 'J'

Neo-Nazis Attack Orthodox Jew in Zurich

'Good Triumphs Evil'

Jewish European Maccabi Games begin at Nazi stadium in Berlin

Essay: Dear Adolf

Nazi-Burned Site Uncovered

Archaeologists use radar to find remains of Great Synagogue of Vilna

New Jerusalem Landscape

'Freedom Pyramid' high-rise will change skyline

A High Line in Tel Aviv

Plans are to roof over the Ayalon Highway and construct an open public space

Letter-writing Campaign

New York officials urged to probe 'poor quality and scant secular education' at yeshivot

Have Synagogue, Will Travel

Washington, D.C., edifice will be relocated--again

Reality Check

Boston synagogue spends downsize