Keeping Us in Suspense

Trump team says 'announcement' on

moving embassy will come soon


He’s Gonna Do It

Trump confirms plans to move embassy to Jerusalem

All In With Jared

Trump says to son-in-law Kushner, 'If you can't produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can.'

Celebs Slam Trump

De Niro, Baldwin, Cher and others headline NYC anti-Trump rally

How Can They Come Back?

The Democratic party heads into the wilderness

The Anglophone Alliance

A coalition of English-speaking countries come together to defend Israel

Tribune of Annexation

Maale Adumim mayor to lobby Congress on behalf of making his community part of Israel

A Troubled Legacy

How Obama failed the Middle East

Be Aware

ADL warns Jewish institutions to stay alert following wave of bomb threats


Bibi used code words to describe gifts from supporters

Sleeping With the Enemy

Top white supremacist media figure revealed to have Jewish wife

Palestinian Racism Speaks

Famed Israel-hater and Obama pal Rashid Khalidi claims pro-Israel activists 'infest' Trump transition team

Terror in Australia?

Car rams pedestrations in Melbourne

New Site of Hate

'Alt-right' white supremacists launch online magazine

Another Wave of Bomb Threats

Jewish institutions evacuated across the U.S. in second such incident

Nikki Haley to the Rescue!

Haley Testimony Video

Star Wars Comes to Israel

Arrow 4 system operational, capable of destroying missiles in outer space

Arrogant Til the End

In final press conference, Obama lectures Israel on peace

Analysis: Obama Lied to Israel and the World

How the P.A. Incentivizes Terror

The Real Situation of Arabs in Israel

How to Stop Worrying and

Love Moving the Embassy


Racist Coverup

British student organization shuts down probe into its blatant antisemitism

Congress Steps Up

New bill would force investigation of Iranian airline for arms trafficking

This Happened in Germany

Far-Right politician demands end to 'Holocaust guilt'

Got Him

Turks finally arrest Istanbul nightclub terrorist


Terrorist confesses he carried out attack for ISIS, was trained in Afghanistan


Hezbollah claims it captured crashed Israeli drone

Still Crazy After All These Years

Obama insists Iran deal made world safer

Delusion Runs in the Administration

Kerry: 'We have done more for this government, more for Israel than any other administration'

Terrorists for Terrorists

ISIS and Hamas stepping up collaboration

Desperate for the Donald

Abbas reportedly tried to set up back channel to Trump

Cutting Off the White House

Israel warned not to share intelligence with new administration for fear of it being leaked to Russia and Iran

Adopts Palestinian Position

‘I guarantee that the Palestinians will not agree to less than a state based on 1967 lines with swaps. They're just not going to do that.’

Priebus: Iran Deal on 'Life Support'

But Europe Thinks it's Dandy

'It is proof that diplomacy works and delivers.'

Analysis: Obama Leaves Behind Far More Dangerous World

Meanwhile, Britain Denounced for Defending Israel

Analysis: The Cost of Diplomatic Delusions

The Growing Threat

Security experts worry about vulnerability of U.S. Jewish institutions


Trump and Annexation

Knesset to debate bill immediately after inauguration

Mass Protest

Israeli-Arabs go on general strike after home demolitions in Bedouin town

Cut It Out

Bibi warns Arab MKs against further incitement following killing of policeman

MKs Whine to E.U. Delegation

'They explained the cruel policies of the current government.'

ISIS Link?

Police investigating whether Bedouin car-rammer had ties to barbaric terrorist group

Entry Denied

Women of the Wall blocked from the Kotel

Temple Mount Activist to Attend Inauguration

'I hope to deliver to those people my message, which is that Jerusalem is the city of peace.'

Moving Toward Annexation?

Bill to apply Israeli law to Maaleh Adumim advances

Terrorist Attacks IDF Unit Demolishing Building

Policeman Killed, Israeli-Arab MK Wounded

Attempted Terror Attack Near Tulkarem

Top Obama Aide Caught Lying About Settlements

Claims there are ‘tens of thousands’ of settlements in West Bank

There are 288

If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem

French MP says his country’s opposition to moving embassy a ‘scandal’

Anti-Israel = Anti-American

Members of racist anti-Israel student group caught calling the U.S. ‘world’s greatest imperial power’

Bonkers Mad

Palestinians claim Israel behind Kim Kardashian robbery

The Scandal Continues

Editor of pro-Bibi newspaper questioned by police


Israel's Ambassador to the U.S.: 'The reason why we do not have peace is because the Palestinians refuse to accept the existence and the right of the Jewish people to a state in our ancestral homeland.'

How a Top U.S. General Became a Zionist

John Allen was changed forever by the Six-Day War


The Genius of Judaism

A conversation with French-Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy

Freud Revealed

A new biography plums the depths of the great Jewish psychoanalyst's psyche

NY Jewish Film Festival Gets Underway

Standouts from annual cinematic celebration

Wonder Woman and Baby Walk Red Carpet

Gal Gadot receives accolades for openly showing her baby bump

New History of Israel Wins Big

Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn takes Jewish Book of the Year award

Strategic Misstatement?

In Golden Globes speech, Meryl Streep says Natalie Portman born in ‘Jerusalem’ not ‘Israel’

Playing for Peace

British band Coldplay will perform for mixed Israeli-Palestinian audience at Dead Sea location


A Small Clue

Who was owner of pendant found at death camp?

In the Old City, Despite It All

Defying violence by living a normal life in a sacred space

Ivanka Picks a Shul

Trump daughter and family will attend Habad synagogue in D.C.