Planet Futbol

Will FIFA arrests have impact on Israel?


UPDATE: Hamas Cracks Down on Rocket Launchers

Israel strikes Islamic Jihad after missile attack

IDF: No tolerance for rocket fire on south

Mideast Envoy Tony Blair Resigns

Former British PM said to be frustrated by peace process

Palestinians Reject Netanyahu Overture

Demand talks based on 1967 lines, Jerusalem as shared capital


Netanyahu tells E.U. foreign policy chief he is prepared to discuss settlement borders

Right reacts with anger

E.U. to Israel: Stop Building Outside Settlement Blocs

Analysis: Bibi Two-Faced on Two States?

Jihad vs. Jihad

Hezbollah denounces ISIS as 'existential threat'

As Iran sends troops to aid Yemeni terrorists

And Saudi coalition bombs terrorist-held port

Hungarian Spews Racism at Israeli Consul

'Dirty Jews - it's a shame Hitler didn't finish the job. If I had a rifle, I'd shoot you.'

Finally Admitting It

Israel-hating NGO accuses Hamas of war crimes

Gaza Unemployment Highest in the World

Israel: 'The full responsibility lies solely with Hamas which turned the citizens of Gaza into hostages.'

Germany Gives Up on Teaching Muslims About the Holocaust

'There are a lot of children from Muslim families who do not have a connection to our past.'

But refuses appeal of man arrested for antisemitic ranting

Soccer Showdown

FIFA attempts to blunt Palestinian attempt to bar Israel from play

Fair Play

Shurat Hadin files complaint against Palestinian soccer head, proving terror link

France: Nuclear Deal Unlikely by June 30

Russia, U.S., Close to Deal on Snapback Sanctions

Analysis: Why the Iranians Fight Better than the Iraqis

Is Hezbollah Losing in Syria?


Hungarian Catholic University Makes Holocaust Education Mandatory

In Holland, High School Textbook Contains Anti-Israel Statements

ISIS, We Love You!

Shocking Al Jazeera poll shows overwhelming support for terrorist group

Biden Steps Up

Vice president tries to calm outraged Iraq following Defense Secretary's remarks

Freedom of the Press? Whatever...

Obama keeps talking while Iran puts Washington Post reporter on trial

Hey, Obama: Syria Used Chlorine Gas 35 Times Since Mid-March

Itsy Bitsy Victory: Iran Ship Diverted to Djibouti for Inspection

Analysis: Sunnis, Shiites to Kill Each Other For Many Years to Come

Into Battle

Iraqi Shia militias launch new offensive against ISIS

None for You!

Iran defunds Palestinian Islamic Jihad over Yemen war neutrality

As its president talks peace

S-300 Missiles to Iran?

Tehran claims delivery in near future

Israeli Judo Team Harassed in Morocco

Audience screams 'we will murder you'

A Nuclear ISIS?

Terrorist group says it could acquire the ultimate weapon


Defense Minister Warns Hamas

'If there won't be quiet in Israel, Gaza will pay a very heavy price. ... I would not advise anyone to test us.'

Lieberman: 'A wimpy response of a faux government. ... All they did was throw four bombs at sand.'

Egypt: 'Hold back your aggression'


Missile hits open area, no injuries reported

The Big Deal

Resigned to Iran deal, Israel seeks larger military aid package from the U.S.

Point Man

New Minister of Public Diplomacy plans to hit BDS head-on

The Next War

The IDF is less worried about Iran than you think

Report: Israel Plans to Evacuate Border Towns in Next Gaza War

Fatah: 'What was taken by force can only be regained by force.'

The Terror Tour

Lebanese journalist visits Hezbollah's terror tunnels

Obama, Israel's 'Friend'

President's comments show he's a 'friend' in name only

Cyber Superpower

Israeli companies make up 10 percent of global high-tech sales

The Diplomatic Tsunami

The Economist outlines the crisis in Israel's foreign relations


Houston Hit Hard by Floods

Jewish community scrambles for safety during chaos

Elderly rabbi rescued by canoe

Into the Fray

Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders holds first campaign rally

Regales an audience of serious weirdos


Obama's Atlantic interview will do little to reassure Jewish readers

Don't Worry, It's Just Tough Love

Obama claims, 'Because I care so deeply about the state of Israel, precisely because I care so much about the Jewish people, I feel obliged to speak honestly and truthfully.'

Joe Lieberman Says to Wait for the Next Guy

Is relationship with Israel 'going to be better than it has been under President Obama? Probably, yeah.'

Likud MK: 'It’s astonishing that President Obama didn’t see fit to criticize countries like Iran ... or Turkey' while attacking Netanyahu

In Total Denial

'We will continue to ratchet up the costs,' for Iran, 'not simply for their antisemitism, but also for whatever expansionist ambitions they may have.'

Into the Race

Top Jewish donors line up for the 2016 presidential election


Antisemitism in Egypt

Journalist meets with violent hostility as he walks the streets of Cairo in Hasidic garb

Jerusalem: 4,000 Years in Five Minutes

Netanyahu Addresses Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism


Lady Gaga Honored by ADL

Award presented for pop star's efforts to combat bullying and empower youth

Comedienne Anne Meara Dies

Actress was married to Jerry Stiller and mother of actor Ben Stiller

Holocaust Film Wins Prize at Cannes

'Son of Saul' takes runner-up Grand Prize

To Life!

Lyricist Sheldon Harnick celebrates 50 years of 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Buckley & Mailer

New book explores the friendship between conservative stalwart William F. Buckley and liberal Jewish novelist Norman Mailer


Palmyra's Jewish Past Endangered

With ISIS now in control, historians fear ancient city's archaeological gems could be lost forever

Measure of Dignity Restored

Germany sending 'symbolic' payments to child Holocaust survivors

Sacred Place Changes Hands

Oldest South Bend, Indiana synagogue now a baseball souvenir store

An Elite Place to Worship

Adas Israel has become high-profile synagogue in Washington, D.C.

Swiss Jewish Leader Dies

Rolf Bloch was Jewish negotiator in Holocaust compensation deals

Chicago Rabbi Byron Sherwin Dies

Spertus College faculty member was noted ethicist and scholar

Nuns Do Jewish

Elderly Catholic sisters get care at Jewish nursing home

Health Warning for Brooklyn Orthodox

Uptick in whooping cough found in Williamsburg and Boro Park

Crossing Over

Ex-Hasid becomes successful dating coach

BGU President Heads to Buckingham Palace

Prof. Rivka Carmi to be honored by Queen Elizabeth

Repair the World!

Yale president tells graduates to commit to tikkun olam