Poll: Majority of U.S. Voters

Comfortable With Jewish Veep



Terror in Netanya

Two Israelis wounded, one seriously, in stabbing attack outside a market; terrorist shot dead

Terror Strikes Again

13-year-old girl stabbed to death in West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba

U.S. official: Hallel Yaffa Ariel was an American citizen

Slain teen's mom: 'Miracle' two other daughters weren't home

Netanyahu Demands End to Incitement in Wake of Terror Attack

Says international community should put 'pressure on he who stands atop the network of incitement, which leads to the murder of children in their beds, and not on a country that acts to defend its children and citizens.'

The Fury

MKs blame Israel-hating Arab lawmaker Zoabi for Kiryat Arba attack

Called IDF soldiers 'murderers' in Knesset speech

Likud MK: 'Your friends are murderers, you’re a partner to terrorism!'

Bibi: 'I spoke with the attorney general this evening in order to explore ways to expel Hanin Zoabi from the Knesset.'

Doing a 180

Erdogan slams Turkish organizers of Gaza flotilla for undermining reconciliation with Israel

Bad Hosts

Palestinians attack Israelis attending Ramadan meal

Vehicle torched by rioters

Cue Evil Laugh

Iran hails Istanbul terror attack

The Whitewash

Committee clears U.K. Labour party of antisemitism

Alone With His Hatred

As support collapses, antisemitic Labour leader faces leadership challenge

Compares Israel to ISIS in latest antisemitic rant

The Hezbollah Horror

With Russian help, the terrorist group is becoming an army

Evil for Good

Publishers of Mein Kampf to donate proceeds to organization for Holocaust survivors

Hope Over Despair

Researchers uncover forgetten Holocaust escape tunnel in Lithuania

Photo: Ezra Wolfinger, NOVA


Death toll after terrorist attack on Istanbul airport rises to 41

Lapid Talks Truth

Yesh Atid leader says Turkey attack shows Muslims kill Muslims en masse, but only Israel is condemned

Was It ISIS?

Barbaric terrorist group is prime suspect

Defying Terror

Istanbul airport reopened in wake of attack

Witnesses Describe the Horror

'There was blood everywhere. One of the little rooms had been shattered. It was horrible. It was just horrible -- chaos and blood and people running around and anxious worried.'

Israeli Tourist: 'We saw people crying and yelling. The workers rushed everyone to the other side of the terminal. We realized immediately that it was a terror attack. It was horrific.'


White House: 'We remain steadfast in our support for Turkey, our NATO ally and partner.'

Hillary Clinton: 'We must deepen our cooperation with allies and partners in the Middle East and Europe to take on this threat.'

Trump: 'The whole world is stunned and horrified. The terrorist threat has never been greater. Our enemies are brutal and ruthless and will do anything to murder those who do not bend to their will.'

French Foreign Minister: 'France is at Turkey’s side in the fight against terrorism.'

Belgian PM: 'Despicable terror attack. Stand together with people of Turkey.'

German Foreign Minister: 'We grieve for the victims and with the relatives.'

U.N. Sec-Gen 'stands firmly by Turkey as it confronts this threat and stresses the need to intensify regional and international efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism.'

NATO Chief: 'My thoughts are with the families of the victims, those injured and the people of Turkey. There can be no justification for terrorism.'

P.A.: 'Abbas offers his personal condolences as well as the condolences of the Palestinian people and leadership, and wishes the wounded a speedy recovery.'

ANALYSIS: Attack shows terrifying level of sophistication

You've Got to Be Kidding...

Obama administration lobbying for business relations with Iran

No Future for You

Jewish Agency chief says French Jews will be forced out


A Demon's Appeal

Former Auschwitz guard refuses to accept sentence for murder of 170,000

Johnson: No Need to Rush Leaving E.U.

Top Brexit proponent attempts to build bridges with Europe

Good Riddance

Antisemitic head of British Labour party faces revolt after Brexit vote

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Gary Knight

ISIS Takes Major Blow

Iraqi city of Fallujah liberated from barbarian control

Seaside Nightmare in Somalia

Islamic terrorists kill at least 14 in Mogadishu

Quick Divorce?

E.U. pushes for Britain to leave union immediately


With PM Cameron's exit, Israel loses good friend

Vote Leaves Israel Pondering Policy, Trade Implications

Mixed Reaction from British Jewish Leaders

Is Brexit Best for British Jewry?

Trump Hails Brexit

Says U.K. 'took back their country'

'It's Our Turn'

French, Dutch far-Right leaders call for similar referendum

Pickering Under Fire

Advocate of Iran deal was paid consultant for Boeing, which profited from agreement

Boeing's Iran Deal on Shaky Ground


Reconciliation Approved

Cabinet votes in favor of deal with Turkey

Israel Condemns Istanbul Attack

'Israel harshly condemns the hideous terror attack on Istanbul Ataturk Airport yesterday that claimed the lives of many innocent people.'

Shimon Peres: 'This morning my heart is with the Turkish people.'

Knesset Speaker: 'Savage terrorists who sanctify death over life.'

Israel and the Running Mates

Hillary's likely vice-presidential candidates support Israel, with some reservations

Turkey, Israel to Resume Full Diplomatic Ties

Israel will pay more than $21 million to families of Mavi Marmara

The Dissidents

Jewish Home ministers to vote against agreement

'Paying compensation to the perpetrators of terrorist acts is a dangerous precedent.'

A Good Deal?

Analysis: Israel-Turkey agreement allowed both sides to save face

Terrorists Throw a Fit

Hamas denounces Turkish reconciliation deal with Israel

Turkish leaders hail deal as victory

Erdogan Cackles With Glee

Says Israel gave in to all his demands

Israelis Overwhelmingly Oppose

Poll shows 65 percent of Israeli Jews reject deal

Israeli soldier's family protests at PM residence

One Vote Against

Liberman will oppose deal in cabinet

Herzog Slams

'The reparations to those who attacked IDF soldiers is unacceptable. ... All should know that the leadership of the right is paying reparations to those who have attacked our sons.'

Bibi Promises Dividends

'It has ... immense implications for the Israeli economy … and I mean positive immense implications.'

The Fallout

Six consequences of Israel's six-year spat with Turkey

Arab Social Media Throws a Fit

'Is normalization with Israel treason? Yes!'

Is Hamas the Big Winner in Turkey-Israel Agreement?


Stop U.S. Aid

Congress moves to cut funding for stipends paid to convicted Palestinian terrorists

Good Riddance

Israel boycotters to be denied access to NY pension funds

'We're putting companies engaged in BDS activities on notice that there will be consequences if their anti-Israel activities expose our investments to financial harm.'

Southern Bigotry

Louisiana sheriff unleashes antisemitic rant at federal prosecutor


CNN: Trump Vets Christie for Running Mate

Nate Silver's Forecast

Hillary Clinton has 79 percent chance of winning the presidential election, says blogger who accurately predicted 2008, 2012 election results

Digital Strategist Now Working for Trump

Vincent Harris helped get Bibi elected


Violent pro-Trump neo-Nazis say they will crash GOP convention

N.Y. Incumbent Beats Back Challenger

Pro-Iran deal lawmaker Rep. Jerrold Nadler defeats Orthodox Jewish opponent in primary

Dems Reject Zogby Push

Party platform rejects 'occupation' language, recognizes Palestinians aspirations

Words of a Racist

Israel-hating Sanders ally Zogby tells his evil tales to the Jerusalem Post

More Big BDS Failures

New Jersey follows New York in passing law against boycotting Israel

United Auto Workers Rejects N.Y.U. Grad Student Union Vote Backing Israel Boycott

U.S. Funding Israel-Haters

Dozens of anti-Israel groups receiving government funding

Church of Hate

ADL slams Presbyterian Church for its anti-Israel activities

Man Charged With Threatening Synagogue in Kansas City


JStreet lauds pro-Palestinian Democratic platform

The Silver Lining

Democrats vote down amendment written by Israel-hater James Zogby

Obama's Supreme Court Defeat

Court deadlocks in case challenging president's plan to let millions of undocumented immigrants stay in U.S.

Analysis: Defeat Upends Obama Legacy on Immigration

High Court Upholds Affirmative Action Program

Conversion War Heats Up

American rabbi who converted Ivanka Trump decries Israeli rabbinate's 'cruel' rejection of U.S. convert


Kerry on the Boeing Deal With Iran

Actress Helen Mirren Tours Ancient Jerusalem


Jewish Culture in the Cool Berkshires

Summer brings theater, dance, music and lectures to hills of Western Massachusetts

Virtuous Virtuouso

Violinist Itzhak Perlman donates $1 million prize to help those with disabilities

Classical Music to Go

Israeli cellist will tour U.S. this summer, performing with Pablo Casals' cello

Conversation With...Melvin James Kaminsky

A.k.a. Mel Brooks, still blazing saddles at age 90

The Sound of Silence

Grammy-winning singer Paul Simon says he is 'ready to give up music'


Orthodox rabbinical student competes on NBC's 'American Ninja Warrior'

Game of Thrones' King David

Hit show features main character suspiciously close to biblical hero

The King of Cool Heads to Israel

Quentin Tarantino to attend Jerusalem Film Festival


Rabbi Maurice Lamm, 86, Dies

He authored several Jewish books, including 'The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning'

The Wandering Jew

Arthur Frommer and daughter Pauline traverse the globe for their travel guides

Compensation, and a Public Apology

British university to pay Jewish York law student who experienced antisemitic abuse

Antisemitism in Brooklyn

Orthodox mother and child attacked by teens yelling and throwing rocks at car; shattered window covered six-year-old in broken glass

From the Archives

Vintage Jewish summer camp photos

Religious Emissaries Celebrate

257 new Chabad rabbis mark ordinations in New Jersey ceremony

Normal Life Disrupted

Jewish studies lecture in Brussels cancelled due to security concerns

Desperate for Grandchildren

Jewish father takes out newspaper ad seeking wife for middle-aged son