Stand With Israel!

House Speaker slams Obama's policy on Gaza war


The Burning Question

Will Israel head for the heart of Gaza in order to destroy Hamas completely?

IDF Official: We decide now - go in or get out

Gaza Power Plant Ablaze

Palestinians claim Israeli shelling hit the facility

Where He Lives

Israel strikes home of Hamas leader, the monster Ismail Haniyeh

Israel Rejects U.N. Call for 'Unconditional' Truce

Netanyahu protests failure to address Israel's security

Bankers of Terror

Qatar uses its massive wealth to fund Hamas

Running to Cairo

Palestinians head to Egypt to discuss ceasefire they rejected


U.K. supermarket chain stops importing from Israeli settlements, says move is 'not politically motivated.'

At Long Last: The Truth

Hamas official admits it rejected truce so it wouldn't have to recognize Israel


Hamas breaks latest ceasefire, fires rockets at Israel

IDF Preparing New Rules of Engagement

Israel will only return fire and continue destroying Gaza tunnels

Former IDF Commander: Without demilitarization, Hamas can continue its tunnel terrorism

Analysis: Netanyahu's Hamas Dilemma: Deterrence or Decisive Victory?

The Pogrom Continues

Man arrested for throwing firebombs at a Toulouse Jewish community center

French-Jewish MP: Another massacre is coming from French jihadists


Who Did Hamas' Dirty Work?

Children, many of whom died digging tunnels

The Killers Go Bragging

Hamas claims Israel has destroyed only a small part of its terror arsenal

Hamas' Secret Arms Deal With North Korea

Report: Militants purchased missiles, equipment from Pyongyang

Egyptian Army Destroys 13 Gaza Tunnels

Hillary Clinton Takes Stand on Iran

Iranian uranium enrichment could trigger arms race, warns former secy of state

Here They Come Again

Terror-supporting Turkish organization staging another Gaza flotilla

The United Nations of Pure Evil

Israel-hating 'human rights' body likely to issue defamatory report on Gaza fighting



  • Hamas begs for three-day ceasefire
  • Gazans flee following IDF warnings
  • Deputy minister says ceasefire not in sight
  • Iran's supreme leader spews racism, demands arms for Gaza

Overwhelming Support

Poll shows Israelis almost unanimously support Gaza war, reject international criticism

Netanyahu: 'There Is No War More Just Than This One'

Warns of a long war

Israel-Hating MK Banned

Hanin Zoabi sanctioned for incitement

More Rockets Intercepted

Salvo over Ashkelon hit by Iron Dome


  • Five soldiers killed; 4 by mortar fire in Eshkol region
  • IDF foils terrorist infiltration in southern Israel
  • U.N. info shows media lies - only small parts of Hamas-dominated neighborhood were destroyed
  • Palestinians tell Obama to go away, head to Cairo to discuss a better ceasefire
  • The IAF keeps striking rocket launchers
  • Abbas endorses Egyptian ceasefire proposal
  • As American officials start lying about their pro-Hamas ceasefire proposal

Obama Calls Netanyahu, Urges Immediate Ceasefire

Israeli PM: Hamas Violating Its Own Truce

Ousted Deputy DM: 'Israel Needs Ceasefire From Obama'

Veteran Israeli Analyst Calls Kerry's Ceasefire Proposal a 'Betrayal'

No. Way.

Almost 90 percent of Israelis reject Kerry's horrendous ceasefire proposal

Netanyahu: It's Egypt or Nothing

PM says no ceasefire without total demilitarization of Gaza

Tail Between His Legs

Kerry heads off home as even dovish Livni tells him his proposal is 'completely unacceptable'

Even Abbas Hates Him

P.A. president livid at Kerry for ignoring Egyptian-proposed ceasefire


New York Stands With Israel

10,000 gather at U.N. in support for Israel

Anti-Gaza war protest dwarfed by giant rally

Obama Nominates Reform Rabbi to State Post

David Saperstein named ambassador at large for International Religious Freedom

To No One's Surprise, Kerry Endorses Appeasement

Israel rejects secretary of state's ceasefire proposal as biased toward Hamas

Kerry refuses to negotiate with anyone but Hamas' allies

No Idea What to Do

U.S. general can't think of anyone to run Gaza except Hamas

Pentagon Seeks Emergency Funds for Israel's Iron Dome

Israel needs additional missile-defense components

Gallup Poll Shows Split in Backing for Israel

Support low in younger Americans

Senators Urge Obama: Let Israel Neutralize Hamas

Was the Fix In?

Senator Ted Cruz demands answers from Obama as FAA lifts ban on flights to Israel


Anti-Israel Rioters Take to the Field

Maccabi Haifa soccer players attacked in Australia

British Foreign Minister Visits Israel, Acknowledges Hamas Started the War

Terrorists Use Ambulance for Terror in Gaza

Wave of Jew-hating Rallies Hits Germany

'Hamas Hamas Jews to Gas'

Berlin Imam Calls for Genocide of Jews

Israel's Moral Defense

Human Rights Hypocrisy


Hamas terrorists attempt infiltration through Gaza tunnels blasted by IDF

Terrorists had RPGs, grenades, hundreds of rounds of ammunition

VIDEO: Evil Israel Calls Off Air Strike to Save Children's Lives

Ambassador to U.S. Interrupted by Air Raid Siren

Ron Dermer's Red Alert app goes off during TV interview

Hamas Spokesman Admits Hamas Wants Its Own People to Die



Actor Tells of 'Great Week' in Israel

Social Network film star Jesse Eisenberg says he felt safe

Joan Rivers Tells It Like It Is

'Music Can Heal'

Krakow's annual Jewish Culture Festival concludes

Backstreet Boys Back Out of Israel Concerts

Band cancels sold-out Raanana shows

Matisyahu's New Life

Former Hasidic reggae-rapper is a changed man

Howard Stern to the Israel-Haters: 'You sicken me'

Singing in Solidarity

Contestant in Israeli TV singing contest performs from bomb shelter


Mourning Native Son

New Zealand Jews grieve for IDF soldier killed in Gaza

This Happened Where? In N. Miami Beach

Vandals spraypaint synagogue with swastikas; cars also vandalized with words 'Hamas' and 'Jew'

The Beasts

Israel-haters stage another illegal demonstration in Paris, give Nazi salute

The Facebook Pogrom

Vile webpage posts pictures and addresses of French Jews, one assaulted by racist barbarians as a result

As 10,000 pro-terrorist Jew-haters march on London

Marseille March for Israel

Thousands of pro-Israel demonstrators take to the streets in south of France

Author Bel Kaufman Dies at 103

Writer was granddaughter of Sholom Aleichem

Madrid Writer Pens Oped Offensive to Jews

Playwright cites Israelís Gaza operation to justify past expulsions of Jews

Why This Maine Rabbi is Making Aliyah

Israel as Refuge

With worldwide antisemitism, the need for Israel is front and center

Joe Lieberman to Teach at Y.U.

Former senator to assume Lieberman Chair in Public Policy and Public Service

Cupcakes Sprinkled With Antisemitism

NYC food truck crew spew hate on Twitter

Feeding the Soul and the Soil

Gleanings from a Jewish farm called Adamah

Something to Smile About

Israelis bring home gold, silver from Youth Sailing World Championship

Survey Says: 70% of U.K. Jews Feel Antisemitism on Rise


Israel-hating thugs attack pro-Israel demonstrators in Canada

France Still Waking Up

Following brutal pogrom, Foreign Minister admits French Jews now live in fear

As French Jews flee to Israel in shocking numbers

France Finally Acts

Paris police ban pro-Palestinian demonstrations following brutal attack on synagogue

Israel-haters march illegally

Attack police, who respond with tear gas

Demonstrators across Europe take to the streets to defame Israel and the Jews, sing the praises of Hamas

The Paris Pogrom

Jewish security force holds off antisemitic mob attacking two Paris synagogues