Why Kerry Failed to Bring Peace


Netanyahu Says Israel Will Prevent Nuclear Iran

Palestinians Bluster, Bully

P.A. demands U.S. recognition of 'Palestine'


U.K. Jewish student group considers breaking ties with national organization over antisemitism

A Campus of Hate

A survivor of racist assault by 'anti-Israel' activists tells their story

One State, Two State, No State?

Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren says, 'The advent of the Trump administration spells the end of the two-state solution.'

Defense Secretary to Israel

Ashton Carter to visit as new F-35 jets arrive

Let Truth See Light

Trump may release documents with secret details of Iran deal

The Takeover

Trump begins to consolidate his power over the Republican party

Haaretz Freaks Out

Kushner family donated tens of thousands to settlement groups!

Analysis: Kerry's Bitter Alternative Reality

Obama World

Russian and China vote against saving Syria

Egypt and Turkey Soften Positioins on Syria, Benefitting Assad

Iran Opens Theme Park of Hate

Africa Warms to Israel

African ministers attend Israeli conference


James Mattis' Iran Obsession

Incoming defense secretary holds a '33-year grudge'

No Legal Standing

Chilean court rejects lawsuit against Israeli judges for endorsing construction of West Bank barrier

Analysis: The Hysterical Overreaction to Trump's Taiwan Call

Reset With China? Phone Call 'Long Planned'

Trump Steps Up China Rhetoric

'Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into their country (the U.S. doesn’t tax them) or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea? I don’t think so!'

Russian Jet Crashes

Incident occurred during failed carrier landing near Syria

Europe Breathes Sign of Relief

Austrian far-right candidate defeated in E.U. election


No Entry

For first time, Israel bans a BDS activist

Decision made ‘on the basis of her activism for the World Council of Churches group which supports the BDS movement.’

The Government Trembles

As infighting gets worse, elections may be coming

Controversy Over Amona Heats Up

Settlers reject compromise on evacuation order

‘We call on those faithful to the land of Israel, who have stood by us until today, to join us at the outpost until such time as the law is amended, or until the day of demolition.’

Outpost Regulation Bill at Knesset

Israel seeks to postpone Amona evacuation by 30 days

The Golden Prime Minister

Bizarre statue of Netanyahu suddenly appears in Rabin Square

Artist warned he would ‘ undertake a subversive artistic political act which will garner much media attention.’

Two Less Months to Serve

Plan to shorten mandatory army service for men to 30 months on track to become law

Surprise, Surprise

Kerry knocks Israel on settlements

Text of Kerry's Remarks

Boycotting the Boycotters

NYPost: Cuomo has blacklist of foreign firms that support BDS


Trump Expands List of Sec. of State Candidates

Bolton a possibility again

Trump Names Former Rival Ben Carson as Housing Secretary

The Islamist Connection

ANALYSIS: DNC frontrunner Keith Ellison has extensive ties with radical Muslim groups

More Evidence of Ellison’s Hatred of Israel

In 2010 speech, DNC frontrunner said, ‘We can’t allow another country to treat us like we’re their ATM.’

Top Jewish Donor: Ellison Is an Antisemite

Haim Saban says frontrunner for DNC chair is a racist, ‘would be would be a disaster for the relationship between the Jewish community and the Democratic Party.’

Despite Antisemitism, Ellison Still DNC Frontrunner


Ellison taking flak from all sides

Dark Past

Ellison defended black activist who compared Israel to the Nazis

ANALYSIS: Ellison Hates America Too

Democrats Turn Against Israel

New poll shows party members increasingly hostile to Jewish state


Kaddish for Leonard Cohen

A remembrance of one of the great Jewish artists of the 20th century


Alt-right crazies claim new Star Wars movie is a Jewish plot

Guns N' Roses Will Return to Israel

Hard rock band will be in concert in July 2017

'Luck Be a Lady' in Hebrew

Jewish Broadway star Ben Platt belts out show tune on late night talk show

Breakout Star Gets Raves for 'Dear Evan Hansen' on Broadway Stage

Celebrating the Hero

Dutch film honors journalist who exposed Nazi war criminal

Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker, Composer of 500 Hasidic Melodies, Dies at 91

His melody for 'Yasis Alayich' is played at Hasidic weddings

Top Honors

Lev Shaket ('A Quiet Heart') wins Grand Prix of Tallinn film fest

Ania Bukstein awarded for best actress


Egyptian movie star Karim Kassem reveals he is Jewish


Looted Art Battle

Jewish family tussles with Spanish museum about priceless painting

Need for Security

U.K. pledges $17 million to protect Jewish institutions

Righting a Wrong

France returns painting to grandchildren of Jewish couple who fled Nazis

Fear and Loathing on the Tube

British soccer fans sing antisemitic chant on London subway

London Cafe Apologizes for Smoothie With Swastika Label


Three Israeli Startups Win Global Medical Mobile Tech Awards

Yo-yo Dieting

Gut microbes could be cause of weight loss and gain

Coping With Pain

Teva to market, distribute medical cannabis inhaler in Israel