The Canary Leaves the Coal Mine

After two decades of ignoring antisemitism, non-Jewish authorities in

the West are astounded to find they are also targets of Muslim violence


Jerusalem on Edge

Mayor Barkat vows to restore calm

Palestinians Celebrate Baby-Killer With Riots

Police clash with rioters ahead of funeral for murderer of three-month-old

Arab Teenager Killed After Attempted Firebombing

14-year-old tried to throw molotov cocktail into traffic

State Department expresses 'condolences' for firebomber, who was U.S. citizen

Sorry, Deniers

New York police reveal that hatchet attack was terrorism

Sisi Declares State of Emergency

Egypt goes to war with Sinai terrorists

Tensions Rise in Nuclear Talks

As Nov. 24 deadline nears, Israel voices alarm about U.S. position on Iran

White House Seeks Support for Iran Deal


Palestinians Going Ahead With U.N. Proposal

PA negotiator Erekat denies he will postpone Security Council petition

Car Bomb Explodes in Egypt's Sinai

Report: At least 5 dead, 11 injured

Anti-Israel Mob at Paris Trade Fair

Israeli food vendors harassed at expo

Call on Israel for Safety

Israeli company selected as security coordinator for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Dublin Joins Counterproductive Campaign

Irish senate calls for recognition of Palestinian state

Dairy Debacle

Swiss company recalls coffee creamers with Hitler's face

Swastika Swag and Hitler Featured Products

U.N. Officials to Investigate Their Own Crimes

In an utterly hilarious move, U.N. hypocrite-in-chief collaborated with U.N.'s beloved Hamas

E.U. Demands Meeting to Tell Israel to Discriminate Against Jews

Pro-Palestinian body to outline objections, possible sanctions if Israel does not implement apartheid system against Jews living in the West Bank

As Swedish PM appoints Islamist to his cabinet


We Hate You, You Meanie!

Obama and Kerry snub Yaalon after he dared to criticize them

Lapid: 'We must not pretend that there is no crisis. The relationship with the US is vital and we must do everything in order to repair it.'

Buying Israeli

India choses Israeli missile system over U.S. alternative

Two Israelis Killed in Nepal Bus Accident

Bus reportedly drives off cliff; at least 11 people dead

The Intifada Question

Is Jerusalem violence part of a general phenomenon?

Survey Says: Throw Arab MK Out

85% of public wants Hanin Zoabi removed for comparing Israeli soldiers to IS terrorists

Vile Attacks Continue

Arab barbarians throw stones at kindergarteners

No casualties reported

Police Come Out in Force

'The Jerusalem Police will show zero tolerance to violence.'


Ebola Now in New York

Doctor who was in Guinea now in isolation at Bellevue Hospital; 3 others quarantined

W.H.O.: Ebola Vaccine Ready in 2015

But will the experimental doses work?

Axe-Wielding Man Attacks N.Y. Police

Queens resident said to have 'Islamic extremist leanings'

Terror in Ottawa

Threat level serious for America's neighbor

Terrorist Attacks Canadian Parliament, Kills Soldier

Attack comes one day after ISIS-related incident near Montreal

Islam Means Peace? Shooter Was Recent Convert

Terrorist Sought Mideast Passport

Irony Beyond Irony

Savage killer's mother was 'deputy chairperson of a division of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.'


Sumo Wrestlers Visit Israel

The Dead Sea As You've Never Seen It Before

Shock Video: American Jewish Students Describe Jewish Hate on Campus



Jewish Cast, But No Jewish History in WWII film Fury

Leon's Daughters Opine: 'The Death of Klinghoffer' An Injustice to Our Father's Memory

Kiss Off!

Israeli-born rocker Gene Simmons of Kiss blasts antisemitism: 'Jews are not their favorite people, unless they go to church and pray to one, that’s ok.'

Beach Boys Cancel Tel Aviv Concert

Poor ticket sales likely reason for decision

To the Chariots!

Israeli actress Gal Gadot to follow up Wonder Woman with remake of Ben-Hur

'I remember sitting there with Roman and we were both crying. It just brought back the horror of it all.'

Legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski's producer Gene Gutowski opens up about his Holocaust experience


Outstanding Immigrants to be Awarded

Nefesh B'Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize wil recognize 6 English-speaking olim

End of an Era

Rabbi Avi Weiss 'steps back' from Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, N.Y.

'Keeping it Together' This Shabbat

The Shabbos Project goes global, with 1 million expected to participate

Best Sukkah Award

Husband and wife architecture team in San Diego win Sukkot at the Ranch competition

Moscow JCC Renamed for JDC Jewish Leader

Now known as Ralph I. Goldman Nikitskaya Jewish Cultural Center

Denmark Considers Outlawing Circumcision

Poll reveals three-fourths of Danes in favor of banning practice

Danish Health Director: No Reason to Ban
Brit Milah

CNN'S Wolf Blitzer's Emotional Journey

Host visits Auschwitz, Israel and Buffalo, N.Y., for network's "Roots' series

2,000-Year-Old Inscription Discovered in Jerusalem

Rare find is segment of a stone engraved with Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian

Inside the Mikveh Scandal

How a leading rabbi exploited converts to serve his prurient interests

Israel's Chief Rabbinate Stands by Rabbi's Conversions

Ten Years of Slingshot's Guide

Learn about North America's most innovative Jewish organizations