War in the Modern Age

Gaza offensive also battle

for hearts and minds of global audience


Passageways of Terror

Israel's direct threat is Hamas' vast tunnel network

Peres Blames Qatar for Funding Hamas

Gulf emirate becoming "the world’s largest funder of terror," says Israel's president

Hi! It's Me Again!

Kerry lands uninvited in Israel to push ceasefire

Miraculously, secretary of state lands at Ben-Gurion airport unharmed despite FAA ban

Kerry Announces More Funding for Gaza Aid

'Peace Partners' Back Hamas

PLO votes to adopt Hamas' absurd ceasefire demands

As Hamas rocket murders foreign worker

And IDF discovers a tunnel ready for infiltration attempt

The Righteous Man

NYC Mayor Bloomberg flies to Israel to protest FAA ban

Israel to Open Second International Airport

Uvda, near Eilat, will serve as emergency destination for stranded Israelis

Facility lies a few miles north of Red Sea city Eilat

Israeli Airlines Pick Up Business

El Al, Arkia and Israir boost flights

Netanyahu Fights the Ban

'Netanyahu spoke this evening with ... Kerry and asked him to act to restore flights by American airline companies to Israel.'

The Beasts Emerge at the U.N.

Israel-hating racist U.N. 'human rights' body to 'consider' alleged Israeli 'war crimes'

Racist body has held seven hate-Israel sessions, one on North Korea

The Philosopher of Slaughter

Prominent Italian thinker says, 'I’d like to shoot those bastard Zionists.'

And the MP of Murder

British politician says he'd fire rockets at Israel

But UK Ambassador Stands Up

'This was a conflict triggered by Hamas raining down on Israel hundreds and hundreds of rockets fired indiscriminately at Israeli towns and cities. Israel has a right and indeed an obligation to defend its citizens.'

Facts About the Iron Dome

Understanding Israel's missile defense system

U.S., Europe Suspend Flights To and From Israel

Temporary ban comes after rocket hits in area

Ban extended Wednesday for another 24 hours

British Airways 'Operating as Normal'

Rockets Found in Another U.N. School in Gaza

IDF discovers underground launchers, grad rockets hidden on grounds

Gaza Terrorist Treated in Israeli Hospital

Hamas gunman was captured emerging from tunnel; teen is second terrorist getting aid

Israel's Long Reach

Report: IAF struck Sudan weapons stockpile headed for Hamas

IDF Foils Attempt to Smuggle Weapons From Jordan

Five men caught on boat across Dead Sea carrying shotguns, pistols and large quantities of marijuana


ISIS Seizes Iraqi Mosque

Monks expelled outside of Mosul

Belgian Cafe Sign: Dogs Allowed, But Not Zionists

Sign repeated in Turkish, with 'Zionists' replaced with 'Jews'

India Rejects Resolution to Condemn Israel

'A Horde of Savages'

French politicians from across the spectrum denounce 'pro-Palestinian' pogroms

Wave of Jew-hating Rallies Hits Germany

'Hamas Hamas Jews to Gas'

Berlin Imam Calls for Genocide of Jews

How Objective!

CNN reporter reassigned after calling group of Israelis 'scum'

Cairo Steps in Again

Egypt invites Hamas leader to ceasefire talks

Reaction to Gaza Offensive: Germany Defends Israel's Right to Self-Defense

But France Urges 'Utmost Restraint'

Pope Calls Peres, Abbas and Pleads for Peace

Media Report: Arab World Losing Patience With Hamas

Shift Seen in Egypt's Relations With Hamas

Israeli Diplomats Evacuated From Turkey

Violent protests held outside Israeli consulate

Threat to Netherlands' Jewry

Wiesenthal Center warns of ISIS threat after rally in The Hague calls for murder of the Jews



Three More Soldiers Fall in Gaza Battle

Striking at the Hamas HQ

After days of warnings, Israel hits hospital used as a terrorist headquarters

Lieberman Slaps U.N. for Pro-Terror Policies

Foreign minister outraged that U.N. agency gave weapons back to Hamas

Courage and Solidarity

Birthright continues Israel trips in defiance of Hamas

Online Clock Tracks Rocket Fire

Israelhasbeenrocketfree.com resets when Hamas fires a rocket toward Israel


Despite rockets, more than 200 North American immigrants arrive in Israel

A Memory for a Blessing

Thousands attend funeral for U.S.-born soldier

Another Soldier to Mourn

IDF announces Avitar Moshe Torjamin, 20, of Beit Shean was killed Tuesday in Gaza

Two Soldiers Killed Monday, Bringing Total to 27

U.N. Proposes Meaningless 'Long Term Humanitarian Ceasefire'

No word on whether sides have accepted

Livni: No ceasefire as long as Hamas continues making insane demands

Netanyahu Says 'Hope' for a Truce

Calls Hamas' aggression 'the cruelest, most grotesque war that I’ve ever seen.'


IDF says Golani soldier Oron Shaul is missing in action, presumed dead

Ambassador to U.S. Hits Back Hard

Ron Dermer says IDF should get Nobel Peace Prize for its restraint

More War Crimes

Hamas fires rockets at Tel Aviv, strikes home in Yehud

American intelligence indicates Hamas' tunnel terror network may be much larger than previously believed

Terror in Judea/Samaria?

Israeli shot near Nablus in suspected terrorist attack

Egypt Plays Both Sides

While quietly supporting Israeli offensive, Cairo calls for renewed peace process

'We hope [Kerry's] visit will result in a ceasefire that provides the necessary security for the Palestinian people and that we can commence to address the medium and long-term issues.'

We Are Coming On

Defense Minister Yaalon says operation will continue until job is done


Rabbis Boost Morale

Emergency solidarity mission brings 40 U.S. spiritual leaders to Israel

Met Council Head Sentenced to Prison

William Rapfogel gets 3 1/3 to 10 years in jail for grand larceny and kickback scheme

Nazi War Suspect Dies in Custody

Happened just as extradition to Germany okayed

Nine Arrested at NYC Jewish Protest

Protesting Gaza operation, groups target Friends of IDF office

New York Stands Up

Thousands rally for Jews in NYC

J Street Pulls Support From Pro-Israel Rally

Dershowitz Blasts J Street

Pro-Israel Rally in D.C. Draws 600

Speakers call for end to Hamas missiles


Israel's Moral Defense

Human Rights Hypocrisy


Hamas terrorists attempt infiltration through Gaza tunnels blasted by IDF

Terrorists had RPGs, grenades, hundreds of rounds of ammunition

Alan Dershowitz Condemns BDS

VIDEO: Evil Israel Calls Off Air Strike to Save Children's Lives

Ambassador to U.S. Interrupted by Air Raid Siren

Ron Dermer's Red Alert app goes off during TV interview

Hamas Spokesman Admits Hamas Wants Its Own People to Die



Backstreet Boys Back Out of Israel Concerts

Band cancels sold-out Raanana shows

Matisyahu's New Life

Former Hasidic reggae-rapper is a changed man

Howard Stern to the Israel-Haters: 'You sicken me'

Singing in Solidarity

Contestant in Israeli TV singing contest performs from bomb shelter

Sirens Don't Stop Movies

Jerusalem Film Fest goes on despite interruptions

Treasure Trove of Yiddish Culture Will Close

Congress for Jewish Culture in Manhattan was small repository of Yiddish items

Q&A With Israeli Actress on 'Prisoners of War'

Adi Ezroni believes TV affected reality in Israel

Visiting Amsterdam?

View Roman Vishniac's photos of Jewish life, now on exhibit at the Jewish Historical Museum

Funny, But Wrong

Analysis: Satirical host Jon Stewart skewers, but also skews his facts about Gaza war

Hillary Clinton Challenges Stewart


Something to Smile About

Israelis bring home gold, silver from Youth Sailing World Championship

Survey Says: 70% of U.K. Jews Feel Antisemitism on Rise


Israel-hating thugs attack pro-Israel demonstrators in Canada

France Finally Acts

Paris police ban pro-Palestinian demonstrations following brutal attack on synagogue

Israel-haters march illegally

Attack police, who respond with tear gas

Demonstrators across Europe take to the streets to defame Israel and the Jews, sing the praises of Hamas

The Paris Pogrom

Jewish security force holds off antisemitic mob attacking two Paris synagogues

The Jews of Zakynthos

How the Greek island hid its Jews from the Nazis