Hamas Strikes in French Hill

Three-month-old baby killed in hit-and-run terror attack



'This is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation and invasion of Jews in our land.'



Family was returning home after visiting Kotel

Terrorist Attacks Canadian Parliament, Kills Soldier

Attack comes one day after ISIS-related incident near Montreal

IDF Patrol Comes Under Fire in Egypt

Two soldiers injured; drug dealers may be culprits

Their Own Crimes

In an utterly hilarious move, U.N. hypocrite-in-chief announces U.N. investigation of U.N. organization that collaborated with U.N.'s beloved Hamas

E.U. Demands Meeting to Tell Israel to Discriminate Against Jews

Pro-Palestinian body to outline objections, possible sanctions if Israel does not implement apartheid system against Jews living in the West Bank

As Swedish PM appoints Islamist to his cabinet

Pure Farce

Israel-hating U.N. begs Israel to replace its useless Syrian peacekeepers with drones

Three U.S. Teenage Girls Attempt to Join ISIS

Of Somali origin, girls stopped in Frankfurt airport

As evidence emerges that ISIS savages are planning genocide of Iraq's Yazidis

Yaalon Slams Turkey in D.C.

One one hand it's a member of NATO, on the other it's a state sponsor of terror

Brooke Goldstein: Barbarism Doesn't Deserve to Be Humanized

Iran Arrests 'Spies' Near Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Oops! ISIS Seizes U.S. Airdrop Meant for Kurds


Yellow Cards

British youth soccer player facing suspension for antisemitic taunts

UK Youth Soccer Team Facing Charges; Jewish Coach and Player Also Charged

Duh and Double Duh: U.N. Says Iran Not Cooperating With Nuclear Probe

Germany to Sell Israel Navy Fastboats

Boats to be used to guard gas rigs at sea

Come on In, Barbarian Savages!

Denmark goes completely nuts, decides to use carrot instead of stick with returning psychopathic jihadis

Lieberman: Time to deal with Iran no matter what the world says

'As I've said time and again, if you want to shoot – shoot, don't talk.'

U.S. Drops Supplies to Kurdish Fighters in Syria

Obama best buddy Erdogan opposes move


Border Blaze

IDF troops fired upon from Sinai

Why'd He Do It?

Friends and relatives search for answers after Bedouin doctor dies fighting with ISIS

Opening Up the Temple Mount?

New Knesset bill would allow Jews to pray on contentious holy site

The Counter-Cabinet

Livni and Lapid form bloc to push for peace talks from within the government

Rumors fly that Netanyahu is planning new cabinet without them

Livni: 'In the Knesset session starting next week we will form one front in the government and at the Knesset on the diplomatic issue.'

But Bibi downplays possibility of new elections

'Elections are the last thing the people of Israel need right now.'

Trailblazer Laid to Rest

Tamar Ariel, first female religious pilot, died in Himalayan storm that killed 36 people

Missing Israeli woman was tracing dead boyfriend's steps in Annapurna

Steinitz: West Bank Withdrawal Like Asking Israel to Commit Suicide

Jerusalem Police to Establish Special Unit to Quell Rioting

Arabs destroying property, trains, rioting at Kotel

Building on Victory

Foreign Ministry document states, 'Israel has the opportunity to advance on the war with Hamas to achieve a diplomatic solution.'

Gazan Hamas Leader Turns to Israel for Help

Haniyeh's daughter treated at Tel Aviv's Soraski Medical Center


Haredim Delay Delta Flight Due to Mixed Seating

Passengers deplaned rather than sit next to members of opposite sex

Obama Awards SanDisk Founder

Dr. Eli Harari receives America's highest honor in science and technology

SanDisk is global leader in flash storage

Justice Undone

U.S. gives Social Security benefits to former Nazis in exchange for leaving the country

Academia's Most Shameless Liars

Hard-Left American Studies Association denies it banned Israeli academics after banning Israeli academics

Who's With Us?

Do you know what your congressman really thinks about Israel?

NBC Photographer With Jewish Roots Recovers From Ebola

Jews to the Rescue

Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, heads up America's fight against Ebola


Priestly Blessing at the Kotel--Sukkot 5775

Shock Video: American Jewish Students Describe Jewish Hate on Campus



Leon's Daughters Opine: 'The Death of Klinghoffer' An Injustice to Our Father's Memory

Terror at the Met

'Culture' trumps conscience in new opera that glorifies PLO terrorists

New York mayors face off, with far-Left DeBlasio defending and Right-wing Giuliani joining protests

Klinghoffer Opera Draws Hundreds of Protesters

'Israel hatred scaled the wall of culture'

'Al Qaeda Terror Safehouse'

Standing ovation

Kiss Off!

Israeli-born rocker Gene Simmons of Kiss blasts antisemitism: 'Jews are not their favorite people, unless they go to church and pray to one, that’s ok.'

Beach Boys Cancel Tel Aviv Concert

Poor ticket sales likely reason for decision

To the Chariots!

Israeli actress Gal Gadot to follow up Wonder Woman with remake of Ben-Hur

'I remember sitting there with Roman and we were both crying. It just brought back the horror of it all.'

Legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski's producer Gene Gutowski opens up about his Holocaust experience

Swiss Museum to Receive German Hoarder's Paintings

'Let the Memories Live Again'

Broadway musical 'Cats' coming to Tel Aviv


CNN'S Wolf Blitzer's Emotional Journey

Host visits Auschwitz, Israel and Buffalo, N.Y., for network's "Roots' series

2,000-Year-Old Inscription Discovered in Jerusalem

Rare find is segment of a stone engraved with Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian

Inside the Mikveh Scandal

How a leading rabbi exploited converts to serve his prurient interests

Israel's Chief Rabbinate Stands by Rabbi's Conversions

Ten Years of Slingshot's Guide

Learn about North America's most innovative Jewish organizations

A Knock on the Door in Lakewood, N.J....

Could mean someone is begging for help

Shanda in Germany

Kosher butcher in Frankfurt admits selling non-kosher meat for years

The Beast of Buenos Aires

Argentine far-Leftist sentenced to jail for threatening Jewish protesters

Am Yisrael Buy

New app helps users locate Israeli products