The Spin Cycle

In show of support for Israel,

Biden announces sale of fighter jets


Poll: 57 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Obama's Policies on Iran

A Win for Israel

Congress votes against European participation in BDS movement

The Mideast Arms Race

Weapons purchases total $18 billion, with Saudi Arabia top buyer

Russia: Supply of S-300 systems to Iran Will Not Happen Soon

The Middle East Game Board

Former State Dept. official: Iran plays 3-D chess while U.S. plays checkers

Italian Police Round Up Terrorists

Al Qaeda suspects may have been targeting Vatican

Thinking Twice

Fleet of Iranian ships on way to Yemen turn around after being followed by U.S. warships

No Entry

Iran acknowledges Israeli journalist not a spy but wants ban on Israeli-born visitors


100 Years Since Massacre

Armenia marks centennial of Ottoman genocide

Chinese Sound Alarm

North Korea's nuclear arsenal growing, higher than U.S. estimates

Terror on French Soil

PM: We foiled 5 attacks, including plot to attack a church near Paris

SS 'Accountant of Auschwitz' on Trial

Oskar Groening, 93, is being tried on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder

Former Nazi Guard: 'I Couldn't Imagine' Jews Surviving Auschwitz

Some Good News

Hundreds march in Prague against antisemitism

Another Blow for the Muslim Brotherhood

Former Islamist president of Egypt gets 20 years in prison

The Saudis Give In?

Arab coalition ends air strikes against Iran-backed rebels in Yemen

And Yet...

Saudi-led coalition bombs Houthi rebel positions

ANALYST: 'Israel and the West must be prepared to live through the age of chaos in the Middle East for at least a decade.'

Obama Says Iran Warned to Stay Away From Yemen

'What we've said to them is that "if there are weapons delivered to factions within Yemen that could threaten navigation, that's a problem."'

The Emerging Moderates

Egypt and Tunisia working to counter ideology of radical Islam

Profile of the Barbarian

Islamist who attacked Danish synagogue had a long history of violence

U.N. Peace Push

Britain and France push for the U.N. to adopt a framework Israeli-Palestinian agreement

The Heights of Hypocrisy

Israel-hating NGO Amnesty International refuses to fight antisemitism

'It was the only resolution to be defeated during the whole conference.'

Stunning Hypocrisy

Look at how Human Rights Watch treats airstrikes in Yemen and Gaza


Tempers Flare on Temple Mount

Renovations and replacement of carpets renew concerns of Muslim indifference to Jewish antiquities

Israel Prize Awarded

Nine win prestigious award, reflecting diversity of Israeli life

Rocket Fire From Gaza Mars Independence Day

No injuries reported as militants lob rocket toward southern Israel; lands in open field

IDF strikes Hamas position in retaliation

Rivlin Endorses Pope's Remarks on Armenian Genocide

Jerusalem Armenians Mark 100th Anniversary of Genocide

Knesset Members Pay Tribute in Yerevan


Israeli yeshiva student crowned champ of annual World Bible Contest

PM Urges Contestants to Make Aliyah

Strength in Numbers

Jews from abroad flock to join Israeli army


Israeli Citizens Honored

Arab-Israeli newscaster among 14 torchlighters at ceremony

'This is our country. There is no other,' declares Lucy Aharish

Israel at 67

A Time to Celebrate

Despite storms, Israelis barbecue, watch Air Force flyover

President Rivlin: 'We Should Love One Another'

Outstanding IDF Soldiers Honored

Among honorees is female Muslim soldier

Did You Know?

Interesting tidbits about Israel's past include facts such as El Al used to fly to Tehran

Photo Gallery: 67 Amazing Pictures to Celebrate Israel at 67

Wintry Independence Day Weather

First time in 25 years, snow falls on Mount Hermon

Comedian: 67 More Things I Love About Israel

Iranian Spy Convicted

Iranian-Belgian national sentenced in Israel to seven years in prison in plea agreement


23,320 soldiers have fallen since 1873, 116 in past year

The Eulogies

Netanyahu: 'How can you part from a child? How can you part from a brother?'

Defense Minister Yaalon: 'On this journey we lose the best that we have'

Sirens Sound, Israel Stops to Remember the Fallen

Netanyahu: Without Israel, Jews Have No Future

'The meaning of independence in my view is, first of all, the ability to defend yourself.'

'Israel will continue to thrive as long as we continue to defend it from every front. I am sure we will successfully deal with every challenge, until we get to safety, until our region will change its face, but it could be a long process. We must continue forward.'

Calls on Israel's neighbors to 'stop the incitement and the admiring of murderers, that's not how you make peace.'

Rivlin: 'We Are Not People of War'

'We did not go to war bloodthirsty, not this summer or ever. We were forced to fight and our children have been fated to the same to defend our home.'

IDF Chief of Staff: 'The monuments which stand across the country are a silent testimony to the battles and challenges that Israel has known, evidence of the stories of heroism and victory and our promise to remember the fallen.'

Legendary commander of elite Palmach militia dies at 91

Israel Home to 8.3 Million People

Annual count shows 2 percent increase since last year; 32,000 immigrants; Jews make up 75 percent of population, Arabs 20 percent

Name of Arab Victim Removed

Family of teenager murdered by Jewish extremists demanded removal of his name from monument to terror victims

Lawfare Against BDS

Far-Left NGO the New Israel Fund may face lawsuits under new Israeli law


Partisan Battles Ahead

Former N.Y. Gov. Pataki calls on GOP presidential candidates to annul Iran deal

Republicans pledge to toughen bill that could derail Iran deal

Hate Spreads to High Schools

Video sounds the alarm on Boston University-affiliated workshop that is anti-Israel

Obama Blames 'Fog of War' for Hostage Deaths

U.S. drone strikes inadvertently killed Jewish American, Italian held by al Qaeda in Pakistan

Slain Captive Warren Weinstein's Widow Slams Administration


Israel may have solutions to California's water shortage

Jeb Bush Visits Orthodox Jewish High School

At Ramaz in Manhattan, potential GOP presidential candidate criticizes 'very naive' Iran deal

Petraeus Avoids Prison

Former C.I.A. chief sentenced to two years probation, fined $100,000 for leaking classified info

Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch as A.G.

Prosecutor becomes the first African-American female attorney general in U.S. history

The Next Chapter

Has the White House changed its tone after confrontations with Netanyahu?

Met Council on Jewish Poverty Forges On

Alan Schoor named new CEO as rumors of a merger are dispelled

More Lies

Obama misled public about Iran breakout time

Claims Russian-made missiles could not stop a U.S. attack

Fundraising Boom Reported by Republican Jewish Coalition

The GOP Candidates' Jewish Donors

A rundown of the declared Republicans and their Jewish backers

David's Sling Bill Introduced

Bipartisan legislation to continue funding air defense system brought to House of Representatives

Judge Rules for 'Killing Jews' Ad

N.Y. Transit Authority must run ad about Muslims killing Jews

Boston Marathon Bomber Trial Starts Sentencing Phase

Prosecutors push for death penalty

BDS Takes Another Blow

Tennessee state legislature condemns racist anti-Israel movement


Birthday Message From the Prime Minister

The Dream Becomes a Reality

Netanyahu: The World Hasn't Learned a Thing

Obama, Are You Listening? Netanyahu Lays Out Terms of a Better Iran Deal


Historian Wins Pulitzer

Prof. David Kertzer awarded for biography about Pope's secret ties to Mussolini

Former Journalist Earns Pulitzer

Rob Kuznia left reporter job to work in PR at the USC Shoah Foundation

'Above and Beyond'

New documentary tells the story of Jewish American pilots who volunteered to fight in Israel's War of Independence

Spielberg's Suburban Life

Stargazing in Arizona captured imagination of young filmmaker

Film Is Real-Life Horror Story

'24 Days' tells of kidnapping and savage murder of French Jew Ilan Halimi

Israeli Actress to Represent Israel at Expo Milano

Moran Atias will open ceremonies at largest world's fair, held this year in Italy


First Jewish App Released for New Apple Watch

'Hayom' harnesses Apple with's Torah knowledge

Looking to Pray on a Remote Island?

Portugal's oldest standing synagogue reopens on Sao Miguel

Pope to Knight New York Rabbi

Arthur Schneier of Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue to be honored for promoting peace

A Can of Worms

Reconstructionists debate dropping ban on intermarried rabbis

Rabbis Convicted in Religious Divorce Ring

Three said to have planned to kidnap men to force them to grant their wives a get

A Football Fumble

NFL season kickoff planned for first night of Rosh Hashanah

Women of the Wall Read Torah at Kotel

Allies of feminist group smuggle full-size Torah

French PM Announces Action Plan Against Antisemitism

France to spend 100 million euros for program to combat rising extremism

Rescuing the Evidence

Long after the Shoah, memory will live on


Despite Protests, Israel Critic to Speak at UCLA

BDS supporter Cornel West will keynote Heschel conference

The Campus Pogrom Hits UC Riverside

Jewish groups denounce 'antisemitic' course on Israeli 'apartheid'

BDS' Narrow Defeat

U.C. Santa Barbara student senate votes down Israeli divestment resolution, 13-12

Strange Bedfellows

UCLA Jewish studies center director protests treatment of anti-Israel critic

Connecticut College Professor Target of Persecution Campaign

Prof. Andrew Pessin, pro-Israel voice on campus, under fire

Swastika Drawn in Northwestern University Library

President criticized for lack of action