Trump in Israel

Visits Western Wall In Historic First


Trump, Saudi King Slam Iran

Hezbollah Shrieks, Whines, Threatens in Response

As Trump Dances With Swords

'Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.'

Hamas Terrorists Deny They're Terrorists

Antisemitic Theocrat Beats Antisemitic Theocrat

Fake 'moderate Rouhani wins Iranian presidential election

Good Vs. Bad

New French president appoints pro- and anti-Israel figures to his cabinet

Turkish Assault

Antisemitic President Erdogan's bodyguards attack protesters during visit to Washington

Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

Danish foreign minister funnels millions to racist BDS groups

The Saudi Connection

Trump is walking straight into a major rivalry over the Saudi throne

Total Absurdity

Head of antisemitic Venezuelan regime says members of his government are 'new Jews'


Imprisoned terrorist Marwan Barghouti on hunger strike for more TV channels

Labour Keeps Digging the Hole

U.K. party led by antisemite pledges to immediately recognize 'Palestine'

It Gets Worse

Labour's campaign chief is prominent Israel-hater

Assad Apes the Nazis

U.S.: Syria using crematoria to dispose of prisoners

Russia, Iran supporting regime

Arms for a Decade

Saudi Arabia, U.S. negotiating $100 billion sale


Five Things to Watch During Trump's Trip

Right-Wingers Lay 'Cornerstone' of Jerusalem Embassy

Worst President Ever Still Sneering at Israel

'To them, it's horrifying'

Israeli intelligence officers enraged by Trump's leak to Russia

Israel Wary of Saudi Arms Deal

Fears a threat to country's military edge

But Collaboration Continues

Israeli and American air forces complete joint exercise

Demographic Destiny

In 40 years Israel will double its population, Haredi Jews will triple theirs


Trump to present new peace plan


Ominous Signs

Is Trump starting to lose Republicans?

No Joe?

Vengeful Democrats oppose appointing Jewish former senator Lieberman to head FBI

Joe of the FBI?

Trump reportedly considering orthodox Jewish former senator Joe Lieberman for FBI director

'The most serious charge ever made against a sitting president in the United States.'

Top Jewish lawyer Alan Dershowitz says Trump is in major trouble

Trump: 'The single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.'

Holocaust Survivors Stand Up to Jew-Hating Sharia Leftist

'What Linda Sarsour advocates for – boycotts against Jewish businesses in Israel and random acts of violence against the innocent – are no different than the things that we personally experienced.'

Nikki Haley Steps Up Again

'I believe that the capital should be Jerusalem and the embassy should be moved to Jerusalem. ... I believe the Western Wall is part of Israel.'

Hatred at Columbia

University sponsors anti-Israel hate fest

The Wrath of Sheldon

Top donor Sheldon Adelson outraged that Trump may not move embassy


150-year-old New York synagogue destroyed by massive fire

Pollard Back in Court

Convicted Israeli-American spy seeks end to restrictive parole conditions



Hunger strike leader Barghouti caught eating

Bibi: Abbas Must Change

PM tells Sean Hannity that P.A. must stop incitement, stipends to terrorists


New Film Examines Miracle of Six Day War

Genius of Judaism

New book by French philosopher explores Judaism, literature, and more

Myth of the Menorah

Jews hope the Vatican may be hiding the Temple relic

World Readies for Wonder Woman

As premiere of superhero film nears, its Israeli star hails its feminist message.

'We have seen so many male-driven stories, so the more strong, female narratives we have, the better.'

Take That Boycotters!

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler arrives in Israel to kick off farewell tour

For the Win?

Israeli singer makes final round of Eurovision contest

Fire of God

Lag B'Omer, the Kabbalah, and the Book of the Zohar

Israelis in the Top Ten

Three Israeli films on NY Times' annual best list

In Praise of Radiohead

Pro-Israel music industry group hails band for standing up to BDS bullies


Will British Prince Marry a Jew?

Church of England Approves

Antisemitism Still Very Much Alive

Only half of Eastern Europeans would accept a Jew in their families

Ten percent think Jews should not be citizens

Jewish Leaders Clash

Lauder and Adelson spar over relationship with Abbas

Monsters of Monsters

40 percent of Germans believe 'Based on Israel’s policies, I can understand people having something against the Jews'

Defeat the Jew-Hater

British Jews need antisemitic Labour party to lose big

The Friend

London's Muslim mayor changes from anti-Israel firebrand to ally of the London Jewish community, fighter against antisemitism

Antisemite Out

British parliamentary candidate banned for unbelievably racist posts

More Good News

Antisemite defeated in Britain's national student union elections

Self-Hater Speaks

British Jewish student says there is no antisemitism among antisemitic anti-Israel groups

Antisemitism Watchdog: 'To tell Jews that they will be treated as pariahs unless they renounce all religious and cultural connection to Israel and Israelis is antisemitic.'