Netanyahu: Flames of Radical Islam

Have Arrived at Israel's Doorstep



Black Friday

Jewish teenager stabbed, lightly wounded in Jerusalem; policeman stabbed, lightly wounded in Kiryat Arba, attacker shot; Arab woman attempts to stab security guard in Afula and is shot

Israeli Youth Stabs Four Arabs in Dimona

Suspect has reported criminal background

Violence Spreads

Report: At least 5 Palestinians killed, 16 injured in clash with IDF along Gaza border

Hundreds approach fence closest to Nahal Oz

Hamas Terror Chief Calls on Gazans to 'Join the Intifada'


Ex-Obama aide faults Susan Rice's 'combative' tone for damaging relations with Israel

Excerpts from Dennis Ross book

Overhaul of Syrian Strategy

Obama drops failed Pentagon program to train rebels

F.B.I. Is Watching

Counterterrorism agents claim activities of dozens of potential IS recruits disrupted


ISIS Advances on Aleppo

Militants said to be one mile from Syria's largest city

Iran General Killed in Syria

Commander of Quds Force reportedly killed fighting ISIS

U.S. Says Russian Missiles Crash in Iran

Great Job, Barack: Putin Using Cruise Missiles to Pound Syria

U.S. Denies Cooperation with Russia

Defense Secretary: Russians hitting Syrian targets that 'are not ISIL'

Iran Deal Ink Not Even Dry

Iran's supreme leader bans further negotiations with the U.S.

Khamenei statements contradict those of Iranian president Rouhani

National Dialogue Mediators Win Nobel

Tunisian quartet awarded Peace Prize for contributions to 'building pluralistic democracy'

U.N. Proposes Unity Government in Libya

British PM Vows to Shut Down Madrassas

Islamic schools that spread antisemitism and intolerance will be closed

Judge a Man by His Friends

The leader of the U.K. Labour party makes common cause with terrorists and antisemites

South Africa's Shame

The BDS movement in the post-apartheid state collapses into antisemitism

Terror on the Far Side of the World

Australian police raid mosque after shooting


ISIS recruiters arrested in Spain and Morocco


Security Assessment

Entry for Friday prayers on Temple Mount limited to Muslim males older than age 45

Social Media Intifada

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube promote violence against Israelis, says Palestinian affairs expert

Commemoration Ceremony

European Parliament to remember Israeli victims of terror

Analysis: Netanyahu Is Showing Restraint, Looking Ahead

A Timeline of Terror

Chronology of events leading up to the unrest and recent attacks

Bleak Thursday

Palestinian Arabs attack Jews in Afula, Kiryat Arba, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem in one day

Nine Police Wounded in Shuafat Refugee Camp

Netanyahu Accuses Abbas of Inciting Violence

Terror in Tel Aviv

Female soldier, 4 others wounded in stabbing attack near Defense Ministry

Screwdriver-wielding terrorist shot dead

Israeli seriously hurt in terror attack outside Kiryat Arba

Analysis: Abbas Holding Back a New Intifada, But for How Long?

Get Your Gun

Jerusalem mayor urges residents to carry firearms

IDF: Despite Violence, Everything Under Control

Video: Soldiers Dress Like Arabs to Arrest Stone-Throwers

Israel's Peace Partners?

Fatah leaders 'salute' Palestinians for terror

Protest in Nazareth Turns Violent

Metal Detectors Installed Around Old City

Herzog: Seal Off West Bank to Stop Terror

The War Against the Jews

Palestinians continue their campaign of murder

Man attacks soldier, mob tries to kill woman

Israeli Wounded in Stabbing Attack Outside Petach Tikva Mall

Must-Watch Video

Mother explains what Arabs do to injured Jews

'My daughter tried to run away with a knife in her neck'

Israeli Woman Recounts Struggle With Palestinian Terrorist in Kiryat Gat

Eitam Henkin's Brother Slams U.S. Israel Policy

'A government that appeases its enemies and pressures its friends'

Netanyahu Cancels Germany Trip Amid Terror Wave

Danger From the Right

Is Bibi's coalition in danger as Right-wingers protest his handling of Palestinian terrorism?

Bibi Defiant

'We will break this wave of terror as we broke earlier waves of terrorism.'

Paying the Piper

Documents show P.A. sending huge sums to Hamas terrorists

Why the Hypocrisy?

Reporter asks State Department why it condemns Israel for doing what the U.S. does

Report: Major Oil Reserve Found on Golan Heights

Space Race to the Moon

Israeli team advances in lunar spacecraft competition

N.Y.C. Mayor to Visit Israel

De Blasio to give keynote at annual Conference of Mayors in Jerusalem on Oct. 18


McCain: Terror Wave in Israel May Be Due to America's Weakness

U.S. Jewish Leaders Speak Out

Presidents Conference tells Obama: Cut funding to Abbas

Fly the Friendly Skies of United

Airline to launch Tel Aviv-San Francisco flights

Get Rid of Him!

Hillary says Assad must be removed from power

Give Me Your Huddled Masses...

N.Y. Council Jewish Caucus urges Obama to let in more Syrian refugees

'The Muslims Are Coming'

Federal judge rules ads promoting film can run on N.Y. subways

Would-be House Speaker Is Out

House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy drops out of race

Arm the Citizenry

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson blames gun control for the Holocaust

Profile: Bernie Sanders

Presidential contender claims strong Jewish identity



DAVID WEINBERG: How Not to Respond to Palestinian Violence

GUY BECHOR: Europe's Refugee Crisis Driven by Iran Deal

CAROLINE GLICK: Abbas Must Be Stopped

KHALED ABU TOAMEH: Abbas Calls for Murder

AARON DAVID MILLER: What If Israel Had Given up the Golan Heights? A Lesson for Syria's Crisis

DAVID HOROVITZ: A Rising Tide of Terror

YAAKOV AMIDROR: The Russian-Iranian Gambit in Syria

NYPOST: Israel Bashing Comes Back to Haunt State Department


DANNY RUBINSTEIN: The Three Intifadas Compared


Author Molly Antopol Awarded Hadassah Prize

Her short-story collection, 'The UnAmericans,' wins Ribalow prize for Jewish fiction

Jewish Activist Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Svetlana Alexievich was exiled from Belarus for fighting against antisemitism

Joke With the Pope Contest Winner Is...
A Rabbi

Vermont's rabbi-comedian Bob Alper jokes he is now 'honorary comedic adviser to the pope'

French Filmmaker Chantal Akerman Dies

Film, 'No Home Movie,' was portrait of Auschwitz-survivor mother

Dov Charney v. American Apparel

Drama continues for the ex-CEO of the popular hipster clothier

Matisyahu's Message

Jewish reggae star urges solidarity with Israel

Jerry Seinfeld to Perform in Israel

As part of world tour, comedian will make stand-up debut in Tel Aviv

Howard Stern Calls Out Roger Waters for Anti-Israel Bias

Radio show star blasts Pink Floyd singer for his attack on Jon Bon Jovi who performed in Israel

Jewish Actor Announces 'Bar Mitzvah'

James Franco, 37, partakes in ceremony for Alzheimer's charity

Free Wi-fi?

Facebook will use Israeli satellite to bring free internet to sub-Sahara Africa

Bon Jovi at Tel Aviv Concert: I'll Return Anytime


'We Were There, That Could Be Us'

Jewish groups rev up response to refugee crisis

Holocaust Archive Uploads Documents

The International Tracing Service has posted photos and personal papers of Nazi victims online

Japanese 'Schindler' Finally Recognized

Chiune Sugihara getting his due in Japan decades after WWII

Synagogue in Rhodes Is Closed on Shabbat

Return of the Shul

Breathing new life in Tel Aviv's Great Synagogue