'America First'

In acceptance speech, Trump doubles down

on slogan that once meant antisemitism


Isolationism Returns

Trump's rise rewrites Republican foreign policy doctrine

Candidate calls Clinton's legacy in the Middle East 'death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.'

Says Iran deal 'will go down in history as one of the worst deals ever negotiated.'

Cruz Clash?

Rumors fly that mega-donor Sheldon Adelson snubbed Ted Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump

But the Right Still Loves Him

Pro-Israel Republicans see Cruz as staunch ally

Head to Head

Israel and the Palestinians compete for African support

Israel Winning?

Chad to join other African countries restoring ties with the Jewish state


Jew-hating British MP blames Israel for jihadism


The Dictator Acts

Three-month 'state of emergency'

Gee, What a Surprise: Obama Caves to Dictator Erdogan

'The president made clear to President Erdogan that the United States doesn’t support terrorists and doesn’t support individuals who conspired to overthrow a democratically elected government.'

Turkish Academics 'Very Scared'

Iran Brags About Nuclear Program

'Iran Deploys Hezbollah-Trained Taliban Brigade'

Kerry: No 'Secret Deal' With Iran

50,000 Purged in Turkey


Erdogan Purges Teachers

Obama pledges U.S. assistance in coup 'investigation'

Bibi at Lebanon War Memorial: Don't Test Us

'Anyone who thinks they will find a spider web, will receive an iron wall, an iron fist.'

Doomed to Failure?

Expert says Bibi's overtures to the Arab world will not help pressure the Palestinians

How ISIL Sells Oil to Assad

Ex-IS official explains to British authorities

Secret Betrayal?

U.S. denies it secretly agreed to Iranian bomb


U.S. Objects to U.N. Report Critical of Iran

Says U.N. chief overstepping his role

Analysis: Don't Let Iran Get Away With Murder


Liberman: Palestinian Poet = Hitler

Defense Minister sparks controversy by comparing work of Mahmoud Darwish to Mein Kampf

So Much for Isolation

Israel renews ties with Muslim-majority nation of Guinea

Knesset Controversy Erupts

New bill would allow legislators to expel their colleagues

Syria Strike

Israeli air force reportedly hits targets on northern border

Attack in Gush Etzion

Terrorist neutralized after stabbing two IDF soldiers with screwdriver; soldiers lightly injured

Palestinian stabber identified as brother of April attacker

Two IDF Soldiers Killed in Golan Heights Grenade Explosion

Incident appears accidental

U.S. lone soldier one of those killed

Siren Sounds in Golan

Patriot missiles launched at drone from Syria entering Israel; interception failed and drone returned to Syria

Terror Thwarted

Security guards prevent bombing of Jerusalem light rail


Unity on Israel, But Nothing Else

As dissension rocks Republican convention, everyone still agrees on supporting Israel

But Has Israel Moved On?

Jewish state may have 'outgrown' alliance with U.S.

Standing Up to the Haters

Atlanta's mayor defies Black Lives Matter's demand to stop collaboration with Israeli police

Party Unity Falls Short in Cleveland

Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump

Cruz Booed Off the Stage

'Extraordinary Scene of Disunity'

Analysis: Convention a Trump Success

Top Jewish Adviser:

Trump and Bibi Would 'Get Along Great'

Antisemites Force Shutdown

Republican party shuts down live feed after comments section conquered by Jew-haters

Did Carson Go Too Far?

Former Republican presidential candidate slams Jewish activist for supporting 'Lucifer'

Oy, This Trump...

Jewish Republicans struggle to support a candidate who doesn't reach out to them

It's Over

Republicans pick Trump as their nominee

'Never Trump' Movement Meets its End

A Consensus of One?

As Republican party splits, the one issue everyone agrees on is Israel

On Board

The Jews who back Trump

To the Extreme

ADL slams Republicans for ignoring two-state solution in party platform

Trying Times

Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officers shot and killed in ambush


Netanyahu Sends Message to Abbas

A Scholar Contemplates the Future of Europe and Islam

The New British Prime Minister is Friend of Israel


Pharrell Williams Cancels Israel Concert

Ticket sales were said to be slow

Selling Israel

Clothing line Mashu Designs aims to make supporting Israel a 'cool' thing to do

Jewish Culture Award Winner Announced

Israeli singer Shuli Rand to receive Lifetime Achievement Award from Education Ministry


They've Learned Nothing

Antisemitism rife among Left-wing Germans

Chabad Now in East Africa

Chabad-Lubavitch of Kenya will open in Nairobi in time for High Holidays

Seeking Spirituality in the Mountains

Jewish community flourishes in Stowe, Vermont

Two Hundred Miles North of London

Manchester, England now a thriving Jewish community, due to high birthrate of haredi Orthodox and sky-high city prices