Obama's Syria Debacle

The president forgets he created the mess


Palestinian Zombie Tuesday

Walking dead terrorist stabs Jewish man, shot dead

Joke of the Century

Assad accuses France of supporting terrorism

Almost Dead?

Quds Force general seriously hurt in Syria

Oh Europe

El Al forbids flight crew staying overnight in Brussels

New York Times Strikes Again

Northern Islamic Movement not all that bad

'A Land Without Rule'

Israel on alert for chemical weapons in Hezbollah hands in Syria


Much Ado About Nothing

Netanyahu, Abbas briefly shake hands at climate change conference in Paris

Israeli PM Meets With World Leaders in Paris

Hollande Links Fight Against Terror With Climate Change

All in the Family

German Tornado jets helping French fight ISIS fitted with Israeli technology

CNN: Paris Suspect Fled to Syria

Salah Abdeslam seen in Brussels but then slipped away, say French officials


Iran threatens to cancel nuclear deal if U.N. probe into past isn't closed

The Blacklist

Saudi Arabia widens sanctions against Hezbollah

Call to Arms

Two U.S. senators call for foreign soldiers--including Americans--to fight ISIS in Syria

ISIS Tightens Grip in Libya

Fear is group now has new base close to Europe

Hush Money

E.U. offers Turkey $3.2 billion to take refugees

Danger Lurking?

Germany to deploy 1,200 troops to fight ISIS

Germany Warns of Local Extremists Recruiting Refugees

Netanyahu Suspends Ties With E.U.

Move comes after Europeans ban settlement products

Despite Suspension, E.U. Insists on Role in Peace Process

It Doesn't Appear Iran Is Reforming...

Khamenei: U.S. created ISIS

ISIS 'Vile' But Israel Worse, Says Crazy Khamenei

The Refugees Ben Carson Won't See

Palestinian Syrians barred from Jordan


Jewish Home MK Resigns

Yinon Magal steps down in light of sexual harassment accusations

The Truth Is Clear

Poll: Palestinians want current intifada to continue

Palestinians Hurl Firebombs in East Jerusalem, West Bank

Arabs Sentenced for Plot to Murder Jews on Temple Mount

Russian Jet Breached Israeli Airspace

Ya'alon: Russians were contacted and plane not shot down

P.A. Minister Brags Palestinian Women Rejoice After the Death of Their Terrorist Sons


U.S. Jewish Groups Told to Step Up Security

Open Arms

Canadian synagogue welcomes displaced Muslim worshippers after mosque arson

Surviving Prison in Cuba

Alan Gross: Thinking of family who lived through Holocaust helped me endure

U.S. Senators Move to Fight BDS

Propose pro-Israel guidelines for Export-Import Bank

Trash Talk in Texas

Israel studies professor hounded by anti-Israel U of Texas activists

Finally, a Little Common Sense...

Amazon pulls Nazi-themed advertisement from New York subways

The Infiltrators

Senator reveals 12 vetted refugees are terrorists

From the South

Refugees sneaking into U.S. from Latin America

Shame of the Times

NY Times continues to play down Palestinian terrorism, portrays Israelis as villains

Yeshiva Student Shot Near Kiryas Joel

Teen hit twice outside kosher shop in Harriman, N.Y.

Shot Hero Now Stable

Jewish Tulane med school student was shot in stomach after trying to stop woman from being abducted; attacker apprehended


Am Yisrael Chai!

Sadness and joy as thousands celebrate wedding of terror victim's daughter

At Oxford Debate, Dennis Prager Passionately Defends Israel

Netanyahu Reiterates Support for Two-State Deal


MOSHE ARENS: E.U. Labeling No Way to Help the Palestinians

JONATHAN HALEVI: The 'Spontaneous' Intifada Is Orchestrated by the Palestinian Leadership

SEVER PLOCKER: What the West Fails to Understand About ISIS

BARRY SHAW: Insanity Reigns in U.N. Madhouse



Bands face death threats for playing in Israel

Spielberg Receives Medal of Freedom

Obama honors legendary Jewish filmmaker

'Steven’s films are marked most importantly by a faith in our common humanity. His stories have shaped America’s story, and his values have shaped our world.'

Some Justice

Antisemitic French 'comedian' gets two months in jail

'All the accusations against Dieudonne were established - both incitement to hatred and hate speech, but also Holocaust denial.'

Sheldon Harnick's Vast, Eternal Plan

'Fiddler on the Roof' lyricist shows no signs of slowing down at age 91

How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

You practice, like the Maale Adumim Youth Symphony, which just played the famed concert venue


Botched Bris

South African mohel banned from performing circumcisions for life

Threats Made Against Jewish Day School

F.B.I. is investigating upsetting letter sent to Greensboro, N.C.

Rabbinical Student Assaulted in Florida

'Jews should go back to Auschwitz,' yells assailant on Boca Raton street

Boca civic leader receives antisemitic mail for supporting synagogue and new Jewish museum

Standing Up to Hate

Religious Jew attacked in Australia, fights back

Stop the Israel-Haters!

Petition calls for Jew-hating campus thugs to be condemned