Chief vows to fight her own organization's

antisemitic resolution on Jerusalem


The High Road

Clinton vows she will no longer respond to Trump's insults

Still Holding On

In major speech, Trump outlines agenda for his first 100 days as president

In Massive Editorial, NY Daily News Calls for Trump's Defeat

'Trump’s reckless willingness to damage trust in the electoral process — in order to save face and hold leadership of the paranoid wing of U.S. politics — is the most pressing reason why voters must defeat him in a landslide.'

'Never have we questioned a candidate’s fitness to serve. Then came Donald Trump — liar, thief, bully, hypocrite, sexual victimizer and unhinged, self-adoring demagogue.'

Can Hillary Heal?

Even if she wins, she will face a badly divided nation

ANALYSIS: The Anger Trump Unleashed Isn't Going Away

In the Heat of Battle

Iraqi army closes in on ISIS-held Mosul

Turkish Terror

U.S. issues warning of attacks on tourists in Turkey


Egyptian general who supervised destruction of Gaza tunnels assassinated


Oh, That Poor Terrorist...

Hamas man killed in tunnel collapse

Good News for Israel

New British PM is staunchly pro-Israel, close to Jewish community

Not-So-Hidden Hand

Iran increases delivery of weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen, via Oman

Iran Seeking ‘Many Billions of Dollars’ in Ransom to Free U.S. Hostages

It's a Step

U.S. Treasury sanctions Hezbollah operatives, fundraisers

Sugar Shortage

Egypt suffers sugar crisis, plunging people into a panic

P.R. Nightmare

Hitler's birth home in Austria may not be demolished as planned

Dying by the Sword

Saudi Arabia executes member of the royal family

Terror and Nihilism

How Islamic radicalism has destroyed morality

ISIS Collapsing?

Iraqi army making rapid progress in battle for Mosul

ISIS’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

As U.S.-supporters close on Mosul, fears rise ISIS will use chemical weapons

A Safe Space for Hate

New report slams Britain's Labour party for coddling antisemites

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn


Holiday of the Book

Israelis prepare to celebrate Simchat Torah

Preparing for the Next War

Southern residents apprehensive as Hamas conducts missile drills

Arresting Peace

P.A. forces detain Palestinians who visited Succah in settlement of Efrat

Israel's Battle With BDS

In response to racist boycott movement, Israel applies lessons of its fight against terror

Shattering the Calm

Arab motorcyclist attacks two Jewish males outside Old City

Israel foils lethal terror and kidnap attack targeting wedding hall in the south

IDF soldier injured by rock thrower; suspect shot and killed

IDF rescues four off-duty soldiers from Palestinian area of West Bank

Take That, UNESCO

Archaeologists discover battle site where the Romans breached Jerusalem’s walls nearly 2,000 years ago

Analysis: UNESCO Can't Be Allowed to Deny Jewish Link to Temple Mount

Mexican ambassador pays the price for UNESCO vote walk-out

Shoring Up the Navy

Report: Israel looks to buy three new nuke-capable subs

Sukkot March

Thousands parade throughout Jerusalem in support of Israel

Palestinians invited into Efrat sukkah grilled, criticized by P.A.


If He's Lost Sheldon...

Top Jewish GOP donor abandoning Trump

Thinking the Unthinkable

Clinton campaign wonders how to deal with a Trump who won't concede


Emails reveal Clinton will make Israel top priority in first 100 days

Republicans Left Swirling

GOP braces for Trump loss; leaders alarmed by Trump refusal to accept outcome of election

'I will totally accept the results of the election - if I win'

Trump's Hail Mary Pass

At third debate, candidate refuses to say whether he'll accept election results

ADL: Antisemitism on Twitter Skyrockets

Jewish Politico Reporter Targeted by Trump Supporters

'Don’t mess with our boy Trump or you will be first in line for the camp. Aliyah or line up by the wall, your choice.'


Netanyahu's Speech to U.N. General Assembly


I'd Have Whacked Him

Israeli actress Gal Gadot says Trump didn't grope her because she knows Krav Maga

Gadot Honors Wonder Woman

Celebrating her new movie role, she praises pwerful women at the U.N.

The Antisemite Stands Alone

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has failed to blackmail artists into boycotting Israel

Visual Midrash

Retrospective of Elie Wiesel friend artist Mark Podwal's distinctive work recently published

Warsaw Jewish Theater Fights for Space

Facing eviction, group finds temporary areas to perform

I’m Not There

Nobel Prize Committee tries, fails to get ahold of Jewish prize winner Bob Dylan


French Leader Seeks to Ban Kippot in Public

Four Arrested for Brutal Attack on Ukraine Rabbi

Rabbi Mendel Deitsch was beaten and robbed at a train station in the city of Zhitomir

Antisemitism in Tampa

U.S. flag desecrated with antisemitic messages found in front of Florida synagogue

A Gift for Future Generations

Former Mayor Bloomberg gives back to Boston's Museum of Science with $50 million donation

This Sukkot, American Jews Stand With Refugees

Meet the Etrog Man

California citrus farmer is only large-scale grower of etrogs in the U.S.

The Grand Sukkahs of Jerusalem

Structures are high-end in top hotels, museums and private residences

Feast Your Eyes on the Waldorf's Sukkah in Jerusalem

Sukkot Customs of Jews From Arab Lands

Sukkot Fun

Each year, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania hosts a day of kosher festivities