Darkness Falls Over Labour

Top U.K. Analyst: Why the Left can't deal with its own antisemitism



Face Facts

Israeli ambassador to the U.K. blasts Labour for failure to address antisemitism

Come See For Yourself

Ambassador to U.K. says Labour head should visit Israel

ANALYSIS: The Antisemitism Scandal Has Been a Long Time Coming

Nazi Hunter Denounces Livingstone

Says claim Hitler supported Zionism is 'an absurd idea to discredit and delegitimize Israel and Zionism.'

It's the Jews!!!

Labour party antisemites claim there is a conspiracy against them

'It's a smear to say that Labour has a problem with antisemitism.'

As hate crimes against Jews skyrocket in Britain

Tell Us What You Really Think...

Jackie Mason blasts Bernie Sanders

'If a non-Jew was saying it, people would call him an anti-Semite because he is an anti-Semite. Just because he’s a Jew doesn’t mean he can’t hate being Jewish because he obviously is a viciously self-hating Jew.'

What's In a Name

ADL slams Trump for using antisemitic 'America First' slogan

Strange Bedfellows

Egypt, Israel, and Hamas join forces to fight ISIS

With Thanks to Above, a Quiet Passover

PM praises security forces at Mimouna feast


Israelis leave behind 1

1,000 tons of litter at national parks

Report: Asians picking up taste for matza

Guess That's Over

Syrian regime bombards Aleppo

A Peek Into the Past

Rome Opens Jewish Catacombs to Public

Katsav Mental State Deteriorating

Rivlin considers clemency for former president

The Belgian Jewish Exodus

As families flee antisemitism, there are fewer faces around the seder table

Rome Terror Thwarted

Italy arrests suspects in ISIS plot to attack Israeli embassy, Vatican


Palestinian filmmaker makes loving tribute to 1972 Munich terrorists


Vienna hosts Palestinian terrorist

Vision of Things to Come

Marseilles synagogue to be converted into a mosque


Pentagon adopts unique Israeli tactic in its fight against ISIS


Bern-ed Out?

Sanders will lay off hundreds of staffers

Trump, Clinton Big Winners

Trump sweeps 5 states; Clinton wins 4; Sanders takes Rhode Island

Analysis: Donald Trump Beat Expectations Everywhere

Trump Slams Obama as 'No Friend of Israel'

Cruz: If I Win....

GOP contender tries to shake things up, announces Carly Fiorina as running mate

N.Y.U. President Stands Up Against Bias

Says grad students' BDS resolution 'contrary to our core principles'


Left-Wing Antisemitism Strikes Again

Antisemitic former mayor of London claims Hitler 'supported Zionism' before he 'went mad'

The Livingstone Fallout

London Mayoral Candidate: 'Appalling and inexcusable'

Labour MP: 'A Nazi apologist ... a f**king disgrace ... a disgusting racist.'

Labour Disciplines Critic

PM Cameron: 'It is quite clear that the Labour Party has a problem with anti-Semitism.'

First Minister: Livingstone should be expelled

Livingstone Doubles Down

Claims there is a pro-Israel conspiracy against him

There is a 'well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticized Israeli policy as anti-Semitic.'

Livingstone's Antisemitic Comments in Full

Previous Disgraces: Red Ken asked Jewish journalist if he was a Nazi war criminal, told Jewish businessmen to go to Iran, hugged supporter of suicide bombings

Corbyn Denies Antisemitism in Labour Party

Deadly Destruction

Syrian government airstrikes on Aleppo hospital kill dozens

Justice Coming?

Paris attack terrorist to stand trial

With a Lawyer Like This...

'He's a little moron from Molenbeek involved in petty crimes. ... He has the intelligence of an empty ashtray.'

Educating for Terror

East Jerusalem school invites terrorists' parents to address class

Terrorists Infiltrate Sweden

Authorities warn of possible terror attack in Stockholm

At Long Last

Romania to fast-track Holocaust era property restitution

Pharaoh Goes to Crazyville

Top archeologist says Exodus pharaoh was not Egyptian

'The prevailing thesis according to which the kings of ancient Egypt were named Pharaohs is a false thesis promoted by the Jews to stick false accusations on ancient Egyptians.'

Iran Warns U.S. on Seized Funds

Threatens lawsuit in Hague Court over U.S. ruling to compensate American victims of overseas attacks

Unsafe in Paris

Three French teens arrested for vicious attack on locksmith they believed was Jewish

German Pastor 'Boasts' He Is an Antisemite

Simon Wiesenthal Center calls for his dismissal


Was Saudi Arabia complicit in 9/11 attacks?


Slander From Within

Joint List MK claims Israel is ethnically cleansing the West Bank

Oh Please...

Israel slams French peace initiative for pushing peace further away

The Red Line

Israel will take action against ISIS if it acquires chemical weapons

'Partly Free'?

Freedom House slammed for claiming Israel is suppressing press freedom

A Storm on the Mount?

Tensions rise as Jews begin to assert their right to pray at Temple site

Palestinians Attack Soldiers Escorting Jewish Worshippers to Joseph's Tomb

Palestinian Antisemitism Erupts

P.A.'s U.N. ambassador compares Israel to Nazi Germany

The Creeping War

IDF commanders say Hezbollah preparing for war on Israel's northern border


Sanders advisor says Netanyahu complicit in Rabin assassination

We're Staying Put

Israeli foreign ministry denounces U.N.'s demand Israel give up the Golan Heights

'Who is Israel supposed to negotiate with about the future of the Golan? Islamic State? Al-Qaeda? Hezbollah? The Iranian and Syrian forces which have slaughtered thousands of people?'

Passover Day 4

Two terrorists killed trying to attack border policemen

Shin Bet foils Jerusalem terror attack

In the Arena of Justice

Holocaust survivor recounts his coverage of the Eichmann trial 55 years ago

Do Not Go Up

Ultra-Orthodox MK says 'Jews who ascend to the Temple Mount are instigating war.'

Warming Ties

Saudi general says kingdom may be willing to open embassy in general


NGO says Israeli press only 'partially free' because of pro-Netanyahu tabloid

Hating Israel Kills

Informal French boycott of Israeli technology may have allowed Paris attacks to happen


Violence breaks out on Temple Mount

Jewish visitors bowed down in prayer, Muslims went bonkers

High Alert

Israel police brace for Arab-Jewish tension during Passover

Tensions on Temple Mount palpable


Eight States and Counting

Iowa Senate passes anti-BDS bill

An American Patriot

Jewish General David Goldfein tapped to serve as Air Force's highest-ranking officer

Law Student Isn't the Victim Here

But 11 Jewish Harvard Law students defend Israel basher who called Livni 'smelly'

Foul Odor at Harvard

Law student 'apologizes' for asking Israeli lawmaker Tzipi Livni: 'How is that you are so smelly?'

Obama Finally Does the Right Thing

Administration to offer Israel largest aid package ever

'We are prepared to sign an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Israel that would constitute the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history.'


Is the American Jewish community becoming less and less important?

Passover on Parole

Pollard has 'unforgettable' seder at home

What Was Bernie Thinking?

Sanders unfairly compares poverty in Baltimore to the 'West Bank in Palestine'

Senate to Obama: Do the Right Thing

Bipartisan letter urges Obama to increase Israel aid

'In light of Israel's dramatically rising defense challenges, we stand ready to support a substantially enhanced new long-term agreement to help provide Israel the resources it requires to defend itself and preserve its qualitative military edge.'

Guess Who Didn't Sign

Bernie Sanders fails to stand with Israel yet again

Justice Served

U.S. Supreme Court allows victims of Iranian terror to collect $2 billion in frozen assets

BDS Moves at N.Y.U.

Initiative calls for university to close its program at Tel Aviv University

Grad Student Union Approves BDS Resolution

Seeking Justice

Family of beheaded Jewish journalist Steven Sotloff sues Syria in U.S. court

Follow the Money

Congressional testimony links Hamas, BDS


Gaza Children Put on Play About Stabbing, Killing Israelis

Hallowed Bones in the Danube

Remains of Holocaust victims buried in Jewish cemetery in Budapest


'Keep Quiet'

Documentary tells the journey of former Hungarian politician from antisemite to Jew

Heartwarming Message

Argentinian pop star sends get-well wishes to Israeli fan injured in terror attack

First Jewish Film Fest in Casablanca Resounding Success

'Glee' Star Discovers Greek-Jewish Roots

Actress Lea Michele descendant of Sephardic Jews

Book on Israeli Cuisine Number One

Israeli-American restaurateur’s ‘Zahav’ named James Beard book of the year

Israeli Jazz Artist to Perform at White House

Eli Degibri invited to International Jazz Day All-Star Global Concert

Fight Off a Dinosaur, Fall Into a Crater

3D sidewalk art on streets of Jerusalem

Not Welcome

B'nai B'rith in Montreal tries to block entry of antisemitic French comedian Dieudonne

Brandeis' Triumph

When an ex-president tried to stop the first Jewish Supreme Court nominee

Combating Campus Antisemitism

Congressional panel queries U.S. Education Department about increase in anti-Israel activity


Passover Vandalism

Swastikas found around Brooklyn, N.Y. Orthodox neighborhood

Swastikas spraypainted at park, elementary school in largely Jewish D.C. suburb

Preserving the Past

Iraqi Jews in Israel take new interest in heritage

Israeli Brainpower

Israeli professor battles brain tumors with electrodes

Top Chef

Mexican-Japanese restaurant owner serves kosher Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles

Catholic Grocer Helps Mexican Jews Keep Kosher

More Labour Antisemitism

Top official in Left-wing British party resigns after advocating ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews

Conservative MP demands her removal from committee investigating antisemitism

Antisemitic Labour party leader finally suspends her

Twitter post claimed Israel was like al-Qaida

A Serious Problem

Labour MP says antisemitism in his party reaching unprecedented levels

And It Gets Worse

British National Union of Students elects openly antisemitic leader

Six Flags Great Adventure

New Jersey amusement park goes Orthodox for Passover

Banding Together to Bust BDS

Heads of Israeli and American universities join forces against racist boycott movement

Northwestern Student: Divesting from Israel Is Biased, Unfair and Insulting

Top British Universities Step Up

Oxford, Cambridge threaten to break ties with National Union of Students after election of anti-Zionist president Malia Bouattia

The Righteous Ones

How a Jewish woman and a Japanese envoy saved thousands from the Holocaust

Rabbi Resigns, Denies He Was Pressured

Rabbi Marc Schneier to leave The Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach

Exodus to London

French Jews fleeing antisemitism head to U.K.