Coming to America

Netanyahu departs for the U.S. as 'the

emissary ... of the entire Jewish people'


Kerry's About Face

Netanyahu 'welcome to speak' in the U.S.

Herzog Undermines Netanyahu in New York Times

Planned speech a 'major mistake'

Put Them on the ZOG List

Politicians who plan to skip Bibi's speech

Report Reveals Iran's Ties to Al Qaeda

The Opposition Hits Harder

Zionist Union party says, 'Netanyahu is destroying the American alliance for a few votes.'

Israeli Criticism Intensifies

Committee of major figures in the security establishment call on Netanyahu to cancel speech

Analysis: The Speech of Netanyahu's Life

Analysis: Why Bibi's Speech Matters

Israeli officials worry 'that Washington might not be as diligent about shielding Israel at the United Nations.'

Jewish liberals and conservatives clash

Sen. Rubio: Obama Respects Iran More Than Israel

Rubio Proven Right

Obama says he will veto bill giving Congress oversight over any Iran deal

Sunset Clause?

After years of rhetoric, Obama gives Iran the bomb

Movin' On Up

Egypt plans brand new capital city with Gulf funding

Madonna: European Intolerance 'Feels Like Nazi Germany'

Egypt Fights Terror

As West dithers, Cairo officially brands Hamas a terrorist group

Big, Big Pot Meets Kettle

Iranian foreign minister babbles about Bibi using 'scaremongering, falsification, propaganda, and creating a false atmosphere.'

Congress Demands Consultation

Bipartisan group demands congressional approval of any deal with Iran


Iran's Show of Force

Sending a message, rogue nation test-fires new strategic weapon in naval drill

Nuclear Talks Set in Switzerland

Iran, six powers plan to meet on March 5

No Evidence Found Against Argentine President

Judge dismisses AMIA bombing cover-up case against Fernandez

No Respect for History

Islamic State militants smash priceless, ancient Iraq statues in Mosul

IS Holding 220 Christians in Syria

Danish Police Arrest Third Accomplice in Copenhagen Attacks

'Jihadi John' Finally Identified

ISIS beheader said to be British national

Just Who Is Mohammed Emwazi?

Corruption Defined

While country starved, Yemen strongman stole $60 billion


Netanyahu: World Has 'Given Up' on Trying to Stop Iran

Nice Going, Barack: 'Iran's Shiite Militias Are Running Amok in Iraq'

But the Iranians Love the U.S.: Fake Aircraft Carrier a Target in Military Drills


The Drill of All Drills

IDF conducts massive exercise in preparation for wide-scale West Bank unrest

The PA Boycott

Fatah claims 80 percent of Israeli products are now banned from the West Bank

A 'Sacred Duty'

Netanyahu will warn Congress time is running out to stop Iran

A New Invitation

Netanyahu sets meeting with U.S. Senate bipartisan leaders


Israel requests new missile defense funding from Congress due to White House hatred of Netanyahu

Shin Bet Uncovers Palestinian Terror Cells in West Bank

Saving the Dead Sea

Israel and Jordan sign historic water pact

Mock Oscar Awards

Iran awarded best actor; Hezbollah best supporting actor by Israel foreign ministry

Israeli Embassy's Barbed Twitter

Imagine a NYTimes front page 10 years after Iran deal

Marathon Mishaps

Tel Aviv Marathon stopped midway due to injuries and unseasonable temps

Opposition Leader: Drop Out

Zionist Union co-head Yitzhak Herzog says Bibi should cancel speech, hold talks with Obama


Jeb Bush Backs Bibi

Terms Obama's foreign policy 'catastrophic'

White House Waffle

Obama's national security advisor and U.N. ambassador will now address AIPAC conference

Senate Resolution Addresses Europe's Rising Antisemitism

Kerry Hits Bibi

Secretary of State criticizes Bibi for supporting the Iraq War

'He may have a judgment that just may not be correct here.'

Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs: Kerry 'might not know everything we know.'


Obama's National Security Advisor slams Netanyahu for damaging the U.S.-Israel alliance

Netanyahu to Senate Democrats: Thanks, but No Thanks

PM declines invitation, says he doesn't want to politicize speech

California Neighbors Outraged About Swastika Display

Sacramento man urged to take down flags and crude statues

Brooklyn Men Arrested for Plans to Join ISIS

FBI charges 3 from the former Soviet Union


Giuliani Smashes Obama Again

'I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America.'

The Walk of Terror

Jewish journalist wearing kippa encounters constant,vicious antisemitism while walking the streets of Paris

New Bibi Ad: 'Take a Left'


Spock Departs

Jewish Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83

How he took Judaism and made it Vulcan

Disco Queen to Perform in Israel

Gloria Gaynor will headline July show

Pop Star Visits Auschwitz

Katy Perry stops at concentration camp after Krakow concert; says her 'heart is heavy'

The 'Deli Man'

New documentary takes a wry look into the Jewish delicatessen world

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Madonna said to be eyeing Tel Aviv apartment

Popular singer: Europe feels like 'Nazi Germany'

It's a Small World

Oscar winner Graham Moore's mom Susan Sher was White House Jewish liaison

Madoff the Miniseries

Richard Dreyfuss will play notorious fraudster on TV show

Israel Museum Marks Golden Anniversary

Year-long special exhibitions will commemorate 50 years

New Travel Technologies

Recent conference held in Tel Aviv unveils innovations


Report: Harassment of Jews Worldwide Reaches Seven-Year High

Poison Ivies

Columbia and Cornell among U.S. college campuses with 'worst antisemitic activity,' says group

Kol Hakavod Univ. of Georgia!

Students pass resolution calling for more investment in Israel

Memory of 'All of Our Sons' Inspires Israeli Unity

Vandalism in Montreal Jewish Neighborhood

Swastika attack considered hate crime

European Rabbis Train in Self-Defense

Shame of a Nation

Jewish leader in Germany says Jews should not wear kippas for fear of attack

Unsafe Mail?

German Jewish magazine will hide the publication's name in blank envelopes

Seeking Art Restitution

Germany sued by Jewish claimants in U.S. court over Nazi-looted Guelph treasures

Study Debunks View Young American Jews Alienated From Israel